Mr Amando Borge

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Research Assistant in the Climate Justice Fund: Water Futures Programme funded by Scottish Government and led by Strathclyde University. 


He is responsible for the policy and governance areas of the Programme with focus on the design, development and implementation of water related legislation, policy and plans relevant to the Malawian water sector.


Previously, Amando has worked for 4 years in the Spanish Water Supply and WasteWater Association where he was responsible for supporting and coordinating working groups focus on the technical and non-technical issues affecting the Spanish water sector as a whole. Hence, he was involved in the revision of environmental legislation, implementation of european water directives, analysis of water tariffs or KPI studies accross the country. Likewise, he was the representative in the International Standardization Organization, had a lead role within the International Water Association and was the main contact at national level to many national associations and public bodies.  


Before that, he graduated in Civil Engineering and achieved an MSc in Hydrogeology in Strathclyde University. During this time, he worked for an american engineering company in a groundwater decontamination project and developed his dissertation about sanitation in peri-urban areas of Malawi.


Responding to salinity in a rural African alluvial valley aquifer system : to boldly go beyond the world of hand-pumped groundwater supply?
Rivett Michael O, Budimir Laura, Mannix Nicholas, Miller Alexandra VM, Addison Marc, Moyo Phideria, Wanangwa Gift J, Phiri Owen L, Songola Chrispine E, Nhlema Muthi, Thomas Mavuto AS, Polmanteer Reid T, Borge Amando, Kalin Robert M
Science of the Total Environment Vol 653, pp. 1005-1024 (2018)
Hacia un funcionamiento económicamente competitivo, sostenible y alternativo en la gestión de las aguas residuales en España
Borge Amando

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Professional activities

Strath Wide Researcher Conference 2018
Strath Wide Researcher Conference 2018 (Event)
XXXIII Jornadas Tecnicas AEAS
30 years of water reuse in Spain. Looking back to tackle the future
IWA YWP Spain 2017 Conference (Event)

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Winner IAH John Day Bursary 2013
Borge, Amando (Principal Investigator)
Winner of the John Day Bursary 2013, awarded by the British Chapter of the IAH to carry out the dissertation of the MSc overseas
01-Jan-2012 - 31-Jan-2013

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
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