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Dr Brown joined the law school as a lecturer in Scots private law in August 2019, having previously held the post of lecturer in law at Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University (2017-2019). Dr Brown considers himself to be a private law generalist and he has a keen interest in Scottish legal history. Drawing on the fact that Scotland exists as a 'mixed' legal jurisdiction, much of his work seeks to indicate the lessons that can be learned by drawing on the Civilian roots of the Scottish legal system. His recent publications have included an examination of Scots law as it pertains to the withdrawal of medical treatment from terminally ill infants, an investigation into the effect of the 'classic' definition of 'slavery' on the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015, and a (re)-analysis of the basis of liability for medical malpractice in Scotland. Previously, Dr Brown has investigated the potential for native Scots and Civilian legal learning to provide legal remedies, unavailable in the Anglo-American Common law world, in instances of affronts to dignity, such as the harm perpetrated by so-called 'revenge pornography' (i.e., image-based sexual abuse). At present, he is investigating the structure and taxonomy of the Scots law of delict alongside Professor John Blackie. 

Dr Brown is the module coordinator of the M9362 Roman Law module and the M9112 Voluntary Obligations class. He also teaches aspects of commercial law and the law of involuntary obligations. As a result of his LLM degree in advocacy, he is very supportive of student mooting and is keen to encourage this pursuit at Strathclyde.


[Book Review] : Chathuni Jayathilaka, Sale and the Implied Warranty of Soundness (Edinburgh Legal Education Trust, 2019)
Brown Jonathan
Edinburgh Law Review Vol 25, pp. 406-408 (2021)
Obligations, consent and contracts in Scots law : re-analysing the basis of medical malpractice liability in light of Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board
Brown Jonathan
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Pater knows best : withdrawal of medical treatment from infants in Scotland
Brown Jonathan, Christie Sarah
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies Vol 40, pp. 682–707 (2020)
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Brown Jonathan
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Servitude, slavery and Scots law : historical perspectives on the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015
Brown Jonathan
Legal Studies Vol 40, pp. 353-375 (2020)
Law reform, legal transplants and developing the law of defamation
Brown Jonathan
Scottish Law Gazette (2020)

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AHRC - Doctoral Training Partnership Scotland | Brown, Jonathan
Neal, Mary (Principal Investigator) Blackie, John (Co-investigator) Brown, Jonathan (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2014 - 25-Jan-2020

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