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Dr Nicholas Mark Henry Butler

Research Associate



Radiation pressure-driven plasma surface dynamics in ultra-intense laser pulse interactions with ultra-thin foils
Gonzalez-Izquierdo Bruno, Capdessus Remi, King Martin, Gray Ross J., Wilson Robbie, Dance Rachel J., McCreadie John, Butler Nicholas M. H., Hawkes Steve J., Green James, Booth Nicola, Borghesi Marco, Neely David, McKenna Paul
Applied Sciences (Switzerland), pp. 1-18, (2018)
Ultra-intense X-ray radiation photopumping of exotic states of matter by relativistic laser–plasma in the radiation-dominated kinetic regime (RDKR)
Faenov A. Ya, Colgan J., Pikuz S. A., Zhidkov A., Pikuz T. A., Abdallah J., Tubman E., Butler N. M. H., Dance R. J., Skobelev I. Yu., Alkhimova M. Z. , Booth N., Green J., Gregory C., Andreev A., Nishiuchi M., Sakaki H., Sagisaka A., Pirozhkov A. S., Ogura K., Fukuda Y., Kanasaki M., Hasegawa N., Nishikino M., Kando M., Kawachi T., Kondo K., McKenna P., Tallents G. J., Woolsey N., Kodama R.
X-Ray Lasers 2016Springer Proceedings in Physics, pp. 149-158, (2018)
Near-100 MeV protons via a laser-driven transparency-enhanced hybrid acceleration scheme
Higginson A., Gray R. J., King M., Dance R. J., Williamson S. D. R., Butler N. M. H., Wilson R., Capdessus R., Armstrong C., Green J. S., Hawkes S. J., Martin P., Wei W. Q., Mirfayzi S. R., Yuan X. H., Kar S., Borghesi M., Clarke R. J., Neely D., McKenna P.
Nature Communications Vol 9, (2018)
Development of focusing plasma mirrors for ultraintense laser-driven particle and radiation sources
Wilson Robbie, King Martin, Gray Ross J., Carroll David C., Dance Rachel J., Butler Nicholas M. H., Armstrong Chris, Hawkes Steve J., Clarke Robert J., Robertson David J., Bourgenot Cyril, Neely David, McKenna Paul
Quantum Beam Science Vol 2, (2018)
Escaping electrons from intense laser-solid interactions as a function of laser spot size
Rusby Dean, Gray Ross, Butler Nicholas, Dance Rachel, Scott Graeme , Bagnoud Vincent, Zielbauer Bernhard, McKenna Paul, Neely David
EPJ Web of Conferences Vol 167, pp. 1-5, (2018)
Experimental demonstration of a compact epithermal neutron source based on a high power laser
Mirfayzi S. R., Alejo A., Ahmed H., Raspino D., Ansell S., Wilson L.A., Armstrong C., Butler N.M.H., Clarke R. J., Higginson A., Kelleher J., Murphy C., Notley M., Rusby D.R., Schooneveld E., Borghesi M., McKenna P., Rhodes N. J., Neely D., Brenner C.M., Kar S.
Applied Physics Letters Vol 111, (2017)

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