Dr Katharine Carter

Senior Lecturer

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Personal statement

I have two main areas of research interests: the study of leishmaniasis and drug delivery.  My research on leishmaniasis has been involved in understanding the underlying immunological mechansims involved in the control of the disease, the mechananism responible for drug resistance, and development of novel vaccine fomulations to control the infection.  I work on L. donovani, L. major  and L. mexicana  and we have recently started using luciferase-expressing parasites to track the infection.   My drug delivery studies have focused on using non-ionic surfactant vesicles (NIV) to improve drug delivery by the intravenous or pulmonary routes. We are currently involved in commercialising NIV for the pulmonary delivery ('Inhalosomes') through the spin-out comany 'Inhalosome-C Ltd', which is involved in developing a cisplatin product for the treatment of lung cancer.

B10 Fo luc cells imaged using the IVIS® system

Cells were treated with an anticancer drug (columns 3-10) - with the highest concentration in colum 3 and the lowest in column 10.  Column 2 shows the results for the control cells and column 11 shows the results for the negative control. This type of assay is used for screening anticancer compounds.  


Truncated S-MGBs : towards a parasite-specific and low aggregation chemotype
Brooke Daniel P, McGee Leah M C, Giordani Federica, Cross Jasmine M, Khalaf Abedawn I, Irving Craig, Gillingwater Kirsten, Shaw Craig D, Carter Katharine C, Barrett Michael P, Suckling Colin J, Scott Fraser J
RSC Medicinal Chemistry Vol 12, pp. 1391-1401 (2021)
Antileishmanial efficacy and tolerability of combined treatment with non-ionic surfactant vesicle formulations of sodium stibogluconate and paromomycin in dogs
Miret Jorge A, Moreno Javier, Nieto avier, Carter Katharine C, Mullen Alexander B, Ambros Luis, Rodríguez Casilda, San Andrés Manuel Ignacio, González Fernado
Experimental Parasitology Vol 220 (2021)
Drug combinations as effective anti-leishmanials against drug resistant Leishmania mexicana
Ahmed Humera, Curtis Charlotte R, Tur-Gracia Sara, Olatunji Toluwanimi O, Carter Katharine C, Williams Roderick A M
RSC Medicinal Chemistry Vol 11, pp. 905-912 (2020)
Structure and antiparasitic activity relationship of alkylphosphocholine analogues against Leishmania donovani
Ahmed Humera, Carter Katharine C, Williams Roderick AM
Microorganisms Vol 8 (2020)
Can we harness immune responses to improve drug treatment in leishmaniasis?
Aruleba Raphael Taiwo, Carter Katharine C, Brombacher Frank, Hurdayal Ramona
Microorganisms Vol 8, pp. 1-20 (2020)
Structure and antiparasitic activity relationship of alkylphosphocholine analogues against Leishmania donovani
Ahmed Humera, Yaseen Mohamed, Carter Katharine C, Williams Roderick AM
RSC Medicinal Chemistry (2020)

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Professional activities

4th Worldleish Congress on Leishmaniasis 2009 in Lucknow, India
Keynote/plenary speaker

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Screening antileishmania drugs
Carter, Katharine (Principal Investigator)
04-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2018
Development of a vaccine against leishmaniasis (Vacation Scholarship)
Carter, Katharine (Principal Investigator)
06-Jan-2016 - 17-Jan-2016
Development of starting materials for cell-based treatments (project plan for SMART grant)
Carswell, Hilary (Principal Investigator) Carter, Katharine (Co-investigator) Currie, Susan (Co-investigator) Pickard, Ben (Co-investigator) Williams, Roderick (Co-investigator) McKittrick, Craig (Researcher)
01-Jan-2015 - 31-Jan-2016
Development of a diagnostic test for lesihmaniasis
Carter, Katharine (Principal Investigator)
12-Jan-2013 - 31-Jan-2014
KTA Application: Development of a commercially viable non- ionic surfactant vesicle amphotericin B formulation.
Carter, Katharine (Principal Investigator) Ferro, Valerie (Principal Investigator) Mullen, Alexander (Principal Investigator)
Improve AMB-NIV formulation
08-Jan-2012 - 30-Jan-2012
Knowledge Transfer Account / RA4842
Carter, Katharine (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2012 - 30-Jan-2012

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