Miss Yvonne Chau

Research Assistant


I joined the University of Strathclyde as a research assistant after completing my undergraduate studies and obtained a BA hons degree in Psychology and HRM. I am currently enrolled back in the university to complete a postgrad in Research Methods and Statistics (MSc). I have experience working as an RA on projects exploring Asian International students mental health (funded by SMARTEN) and Knife Seizure Imagery (in collaboration with the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit). My main interests lie in research involving qualitative-based research, student experiences, international students and mental health.


Knife seizure imagery project report
Cogan Nicola, Chau Chin-Van Y, C. Hunter Simon, Russell Kirsten, Linden Will, Williams Damien, Swinson Nicola, Eckler Petya, Knifton Lee, Jordan Vicki
Mental health challenges associated with adaptation and acculturation among international students studying in Scotland
Cogan N, Liu X, Chau Chin-Van, Kelly SW, Anderson T, Flynn C, Corrigan P
Society of Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Annual International Research Conference (2021)
Are images of seized knives an effective crime deterrent? Views of young people within the Scottish context
Cogan N, Chin-Van Chau Y, Russell K, Linden W, Eckler P, Swinson N, Knifton L, Williams D, Coleman C, Hunter S C
Is knife seizure imagery an effective crime deterrent? A multi-method study
Cogan N, Chin-Van Chau Y, Russell K, Linden W, Swinson N, Eckler P, Knifton L, Jordan V, Williams D, Carney S, Sharp M, Hunter S C
22nd Annual Conference of European Society of Criminology (2021)
Understandings of mental health, disclosure and help-seeking among international students studying in Scotland
Cogan Nicola, Liu Xi, Chau Chin-Van, Kelly Stephen, Anderson Tony, Elewosi Heartwill, Ford Sarah, Auld Hannah
Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference 2021 (2021)

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Impact of knife seizure imagery in Scotland
Cogan, Nicola (Principal Investigator) Williams, Damien (Research Co-investigator) Chau, Chin-Van Yvonne (Researcher) Eckler, Petya (Co-investigator) Swinson, Nicola (Co-investigator) Hunter, Simon (Co-investigator) Knifton, Lee (Co-investigator) Lindon, Will (Co-investigator) Russell, Kirsten (Co-investigator)
A mixed methods collaborative project exploring the impact of images of knives seized by Police Scotland on adults in Scotland.

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