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Personal statement


I am Reader in Management in the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship where I also act as Knowledge Exchange Director. I joined SBS in 2013 as Reader in the Department of Strategy and Organisation. I have been the holder of one of seven Innovation Fellowships with the RCUK Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Research. 

I am currently leading a number of high profile interdisciplinary projects, including the ESRC/CREATe project on Open Business Models for 3D Printing Innovation and the Open Innovation Initiative project sponsored by the Scottish Government.

Before joining SBS, I worked at Edinburgh University where I was involved in a number of high profile interdisciplinary projects. These included the ESRC/EPSRC-sponsored AIM project, titled “Making Innovation Dependable” which examined the challenges to innovation in the context of global high-technology production; the EPSRC research centre on ‘Dependable Computing’, and the ESRC ‘Software Biographies’.

I hold Master and Doctoral degrees in Technology and Innovation Management from SPRU (Sussex University) where I also worked as a Research Fellow on the ESRC Innovation Programme. Before moving to Sussex I studied for an undergraduate degree at Politecnico di Torino’s Energy Systems Department where I specialised in Engineering Physics.

Over the past 20 years I have been nurturing close collaborations with leading global technology companies and innovators including SAP, Hewlett Packard, Parametric Technology Corporation, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Black & Decker, FIAT, Daewoo Motors, GKN Westland Helicopters.

My expertise in Technology and Innovation Management and background in Science and Technology, provide me with a strong focus on the study of technology and how it shapes organisational structure, culture, work practices and change, topics which I analyse from an empirically-grounded and theoretically-informed social science perspective.

My scholarly publications include research articles in leading Organisational, Innovation and Information Systems journals (including Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, Organization Studies, Information and Organizations, Accounting Organization and Society) as well as a monograph with Elgar (2004) titled ‘Inside the Virtual Product’.

I am a member of the editorial board of Organization Science while also acting as Senior Editor for the Organization Science Special Issue on Routines Dynamics (with Martha Feldman, Nathalie Lazaric and Brian Pentland).


I very much welcome the opportunity to supervise doctoral students - especially those with an interest in Innovation, Technology and Organisation and immersive, qualitative approaches (i.e. ethnographic analysis). Potential topics include: technology and innovation management, organisational practices and processes, information systems and digital technologies, dependability of socio-technical systems and high-reliability organisations.

My students are typically affiliated to one or more of my ongoing projects involving substantial opportunities for close collaboration with industrial companies and government (see Projects section under My Research tab).


Has expertise in:

    Innovation, Technology and Organisation

    Open Innovation Strategy

    Digital Innovation Practices and Business Models

    Organisational Practices, Processes and Routines

    Technology and High Value Manufacturing

    Information Systems


Prizes and awards

Publication Prize 2018
Publication Prize 2018
Research Excellence Award (REA)
Research Excellence Award
Advanced Institute of Management Fellowship - Making Innovation Dependable

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Senior Editor, Organization Science Special Issue on Routine Dynamics

Organization Science Editorial Board Member

Innovation Fellow (Advanced Institute of Management - AIM Research)


Performing theories, transforming organizations
D'Adderio Luciana, Glaser Vern, Pollock Neil
Academy of Management Review, pp. 1-9 (2018)
Conforming or transforming? How organizations respond to multiple rankings
Pollock Neil, D'Adderio Luciana, Williams Robin
Accounting, Organizations and Society (2017)
Business models : a routine dynamics reconceptualization
Nair Anup Karath, D'Adderio Luciana, Corney Jonathan
British Academy of Management 2017 Conference British Academy of Management 2017 Conference (2017)
Beyond routines as things : introduction to the special issue on routine dynamics
Feldman Martha S, Pentland Brian T, D'Adderio Luciana, Lazaric Nathalie
Organization Science Vol 27, pp. 505–513 (2016)
Performing modularity : competing rules, performative struggles and the effect of organizational theories on the organization
D'Adderio Luciana, Pollock Neil
Organization Studies, pp. 1813-1843 (2014)
The replication dilemma unravelled : how organizations enact multiple goals in routine transfer
D'Adderio Luciana
Organization Science Vol 25, pp. 1325 - 1350 (2014)

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MSc Project Management and Innovation

Technology and Organisational Change

Managing Innovation

Understanding Change in Organisations

Research interests

Business Models and Practices for Digital Innovation

The Diffusion and Implementation of Open Innovation Strategies

Managing Change, Innovation and Creativity

Technology, Artifacts and Materiality



Professional activities

Enlightening the Future: The Challenge for Organizations
Designing for Complexity:Data Visualizations in Megaproject Management
33 EGOS Colloquium
31st EGOS Colloquium
Keynote/plenary speaker
EGOS Colloquium
Organization Science (Journal)
Editorial board member

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The Second Most Important Pitch: How Digital Start-Ups Navigate the Endorsement Economy to Scale
D'Adderio, Luciana (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2021
Business Models for 3D Printing: Scenario Planning Workshop
Grime, Megan Michelle (Researcher) D'Adderio, Luciana (Principal Investigator)
What is the future of 3D printing in Scotland and beyond? What do the emergent Business Models for 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing across industries and sectors look like? This hands-on workshop gathers together a unique and diverse group of stakeholders from Government, Industry and Academia to map possible scenarios for 3D Printing which capture emergent opportunities for value creation, delivery and capture in the 3DP/AM arena.
29-Jan-2017 - 29-Jan-2017
The emergence of business models in the 3D printing industries
D'Adderio, Luciana (Principal Investigator) Corney, Jonathan (Co-investigator)
This RCUK funded project will seek to examine, document and analyse the emergence of business models in the 3d printing industries, drawing on a novel inductive and observational methodology for business model taxonomy developed by the PI.
01-Jan-2015 - 31-Jan-2017
ESRC/AIM Fellowship
D'Adderio, Luciana (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2007 - 30-Jan-2010
ESRC Making Innovation Dependable
D'Adderio, Luciana (Principal Investigator)
ESRC Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Research Fellowship
01-Jan-2007 - 30-Jan-2010
ESRC Software Biographies
D'Adderio, Luciana (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2004 - 30-Jan-2008

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Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship
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