Miss Janine De Fence

Senior Industry Relationship Manager

Innovation and Industry Engagement


Reconsidering the calculation and role of environmental footprints
De Fence Janine, Jensen Christa, McIntyre Stuart, Munday Max, Turner Karen
Quarterly Economic Commentary, pp. 21-26, (2011)
An input-output carbon accounting tool with carbon footprints estimates for the UK and Scotland
McIntyre Stuart, Turner Karen, Ha Soo Jung, De Fence Janine, Munday Max
Quarterly Economic Commentary, (2011)
Supply constraints on rebound effects of increased energy efficiency : negative multiplier and disinvestment effects
Turner Karen, Anson Sam, De Fence Janine, Swales Kim
Quarterly Economic Commentary Vol 33, pp. 55-60, (2010)
The impacts of regional production and consumption activity on pollution generation: developing a user-friendly carbon accounting tool
Turner Karen, Munday Max, De Fence Janine
Climate Change and Impact Assessment : IAIA Special Symposium Proceedings, (2010)
Incorporating jurisdiction issues into an analysis of carbon attributable to Welsh final consumption under different economic conditions: an integrated IO and CGE analysis
De Fence Janine, Turner Karen, Munday Max
57th North American Regional Science Conference (NARSC), (2010)
Do productivity improvements move us along the Environmental Kuznets Curve?
Turner Karen, Hanley Nick, De Fence Janine

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