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Dr Giuseppe De Feo



Personal statement

I am currently Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, which I joined in 2007.

My research work in Political Economy, Public and Industrial Economics has a substantial international profile and I published on the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organization, International Journal of Game Theory. I held research visiting positions at MIT and Caltech and my network of research collaborations includes world leading scholars like Daron Acemoglu (MIT) and Rabah Amir (Iowa).

I teach at both undergraduate, postgraduate (taught) and postgraduate (research) in Microeconomics, Applied Microeconomics, and Public Economics. I have relevant experience in course design at both undergraduate and graduate level, and in curriculum review and design as Strathclyde Business School leader of the Assurance of Learning scheme.

I am currently the Undergraduate Director at the Economics department of the University of Strathclyde and member of the Faculty Academic Committee of the Strathclyde Business School.


Has expertise in:

    • Imperfect information
    • Imperfect competition
    • Externalities
    • Economics of organized crime


Tax competition for foreign direct investments and the nature of the incumbent firm
Amerighi Oscar, De Feo Giuseppe
Journal of Public Economic Theory, (2017)
Social Conflict, Mafia, and State Capacity
Acemoglu Daron, De Feo Giuseppe, De Luca Giacomo
American Economic Association 2017 Annual Meeting, (2017)
Mafia in the ballot box
De Feo Giuseppe, De Luca Giacomo
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, pp. 134-167, (2016)
Harmful competition in insurance markets
De Feo Giuseppe, Hindriks J.
Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization Vol 106, pp. 213-226, (2014)
Mafia in the Ballot Box
De Feo Giuseppe, De Luca Giacomo
Competition for FDI and profit shifting: On the effects of subsidies and tax breaks
Amerighi Oscar, De Feo Giuseppe
25th SIEP (Italian Society of Public Economics) Annual Conference, (2013)

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Research interests

A common theme is the analysis of market imperfections and the role for public policies. I study in particular the effect of asymmetric information on the efficiency of insurance markets; the role of public production in oligopolistic industries; and the effects of market power on the efficiency of pollution permit markets. I am currently also working on the political economy of criminal organization and I am promoting an international network of scholar on the economics of organized crime.

Professional activities

American Economic Association 2017 Annual Meeting
American Economic Association 2017 Annual Meeting
2016 Conference of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Visiting researcher
3rd Workshop on the Economics of Organized Crime
SIRE Workshop on the Economics of Organized Crime

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Global Engagements Giuseppe De Feo MIT (2)
De Feo, Giuseppe (Principal Investigator)
The main objective of this research visiting was to work at MIT in contact with Professor Daron Acemoglu on a research project on the political economy of organized crime, and to broaden the engagement with MIT in the area energy policy, technology and innovation. The planned activities included: 1. to work on a first draft of the paper on the origins of the Sicilian mafia in the late 19th century using data recently collected with the financial support of MIT; 2. to work on a research grant proposal together with professor Acemoglu and dr. Giacomo De Luca (York); 3. to contribute to expand Strathclyde engagement with MIT by contacting researchers at the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, and the MIT energy initiative;
Period 20-Mar-2016 - 10-Apr-2016
Scottish ESRC Doctoral Training Centre DTG 2011 | Charalampidou, Anastasia Christina
De Feo, Giuseppe (Principal Investigator) Bellingham, Richard (Co-investigator) Charalampidou, Anastasia Christina (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2013 - 01-Apr-2017
Research visit to Bocconi University in Milan
De Feo, Giuseppe (Principal Investigator)
Period 02-Mar-2015 - 25-Mar-2015
SIRE Early Career Engagement Grant
De Feo, Giuseppe (Principal Investigator)
£2.500 grant awarded the engage with the International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE) on a research project on the political economy of organized crime.
Period 01-Jun-2015 - 30-Jun-2015

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