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Dr Yigit Kemal Demirel


Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering

Personal statement

Dr Yigit Kemal Demirel is a Lecturer in the Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering Department at the University of Strathclyde, and is the International/Erasmus Exchange Coordinator of the Department. His research interests lie in computational (CFD) and experimental hydrodynamics. He is actively engaged in fundamental and industry-focussed research on the effect of roughness (hull fouling and antifouling coatings) on ship performance, energy efficiency of ships, hull-propeller optimisation and energy saving devices (ESDs).


Numerical investigation of the behaviour and performance of ships advancing through restricted shallow waters
Terziev Momchil, Tezdogan Tahsin, Oguz Elif, Gourlay Tim, Demirel Yigit Kemal, Incecik Atilla
Journal of Fluids and Structures Vol 76, pp. 185–215, (2018)
Effect of barnacle fouling on ship resistance and powering
Demirel Yigit Kemal, Uzun Dogancan, Zhang Yansheng, Fang Ho-Chun, Day Alexander H., Turan Osman
Biofouling Vol 33, pp. 819-834, (2017)
Design optimisation of Propeller Boss Cap Fins for enhanced propeller performance
Mizzi Kurt, Demirel Yigit Kemal, Banks Charlotte, Turan Osman, Kaklis Panagiotis, Atlar Mehmet
Applied Ocean Research Vol 62, pp. 210–222, (2017)
Predicting the effect of biofouling on ship resistance using CFD
Demirel Yigit Kemal, Turan Osman, Incecik Atilla
Applied Ocean Research Vol 62, pp. 100–118, (2017)
Designing safe, green and sustainable vessels for Indonesian coastal transport and fishing operations
Liu Wendi, Baihaqi Imam, Tezdogan Tahsin, Kurt Rafet Emek, Nugroho Setyo, Yuan Zhiming, Supomo Heri, Demirel Yigit Kemal, Budi Djatmiko Eko, Incecik Atilla
International Seminar on Marine Technology (SENTA)Applied Mechanics and materials, (2016)
Experimental determination of added hydrodynamic resistance caused by marine biofouling on ships
Turan Osman, Demirel Yigit Kemal, Day Sandy, Tezdogan Tahsin
6th European Transport Research Conference, pp. 1-10, (2016)

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Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering
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