Miss Anni Donaldson

Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Social Work

Personal statement

I am a Knowledge Exchange Fellow  and Project Lead for the Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities (ESCU) based in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at  the University of Strathclyde.  I am co-author of the Equally Safe in Higher Education Toolkit and the Equally Safe in Higher Education Research Toolkit with colleagues in the ESCU Team.  The ESHE Toolkit was designed to support the prevention of Gender-based Violence on Scottish campuses and the work is directly funded by the Scottish Government as part of their national Equally Safe Delivery Plan (20176). I currently lead the ESCU Project which is supporting the national implementation of the ESHE Toolkit in Scottish universities as required by the Scottish Government. The ESCU Project is also working with the Scottish college sector to support GBV prevention in that sector.  


My own research interests are domestic abuse and violence against women, policy and practice.  I am currently completing my doctoral research: an Oral History of Domestic Abuse in post-war Scotland.

Here's why I love my PhD - http://www.theguardian.com/higher-education-network/series/why-i-love-my-phd

Since the 1990s, I have specialised in domestic abuse and violence against women research, policy, service provision and teaching, especially in relation to Scotland. I was the Violence Against Women (VAW) Lead Officer for West Dunbartonshire Council 2000-2015.  During that time I carried out a number of research activities with service users and providers, developed and managed new specialist services for women and children experiencing domestic abuse including counselling and advocacy services and CEDAR (children experiencing domestic abuse recovery), implemented a VAW Prevention Education Project in schools and youth settings, established and coordinated the work of the local Multi-agency VAW Partnership, and led the local VAW Training Programme. I was also the Community Planning Monitoring Officer for VAW, Chair of the Clyde VAW Training Consortium 2004-2008 and Chair of the  National VAW Network 2013-2015. 

I am an experienced lecturer. course developer and adult education professional.  I am co-author of the MOOC: Understanding Violence against Women - Myths and Realities and of undergraduate elective modules on domestic abuse and GBV in the Schools of Social Work and Social Policy and Education at the University of Strathclyde



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