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Dr Jethro Browell

Research Fellow

Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Has expertise in:

    I have broad expertise in energy forecating methodology, GB electricity market arrangments, and the use of probabilistic information in decision-making. I have particular expertise in time-series modelling for very-short-term energy forecasting, and short-term forecasting based on numerical weather prediction.

Prizes and awards

Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering: Postdoctoral Exchange
EPSRC Doctoral Prize
Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering: Postdoctoral Exchange
Outstanding Student Paper Award

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Risk constrained trading strategies for stochastic generation with a single-price balancing market
Browell Jethro
Energies Vol 11, (2018)
Improved very-short-term wind forecasting using atmospheric regimes
Browell J., Drew D. R., Philippopoulos K.
Wind Energy, (2018)
Towards improved understanding of the applicability of uncertainty forecasts in the electric power industry
Bessa Ricardo J., Möhrlen Corrina, Fundel Vanessa, Siefert Malte, Browell Jethro, El Gaidi Sebastian Haglund , Hodge Bri-Mathias, Cali Umit, Kariniotakis George
Energies Vol 10, (2017)
Cluster-based regime-switching AR for the EEM 2017 Wind Power Forecasting Competition
Browell Jethro, Gilbert Ciaran P
2017 14th International Conference on the European Electricity Market Conference (EEM), (2017)
Use of turbine-level data for improved wind power forecasting
Browell Jethro, Gilbert Ciaran, McMillan David
12th IEEE PES PowerTech Conference, (2017)
A spatial and temporal correlation analysis of aggregate wind power in an ideally interconnected Europe
Malvaldi A., Weiss S., Infield D., Browell J., Leahy P., Foley A. M.
Wind Energy, (2017)

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Research interests

I am interested in statistical uncertainty and the role it plays in decision making, particularly in the energy sector. Many real world processes are stochastic in nature and in order to make optimal decisions one must approach the problem from a probabilistic perspective. My research to date has focused on energy forecasting, including wind, solar, demand and price, and the role that forecasts play in electricity market participation and power system operation. I have worked extensively on spatio-temporal aspects of renewable energy forecasting, and in addition I have worked on wind and wave forecasting for offshore maintenance/installation.

Professional activities

QFF Quarterly Forecasting Forum, June 2018

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KTP - Insight Analytics
McMillan, David (Principal Investigator) Browell, Jethro (Co-investigator) Stephen, Bruce (Co-investigator)
Period 04-Sep-2017 - 03-Sep-2020
Dynamic Load Grid Modelling
Browell, Jethro (Principal Investigator) Stephen, Bruce (Co-investigator) Murray, David (Researcher)
Historically, DNOs have operated with extremely limited visibility of flows on LV networks without issue as electricity consumption was predictable and smooth. Now, with the advent of domestic solar PV, distributed wind generation and the gradual electrification of heat and transport, there is a great need to increase visibility of LV networks, and this is being achieved through increased sensing of LV networks. To support the operation of these networks, it is desirable to forecast their utilisation in the short-term, from hours to days ahead, but to date, due to the previous unavailability of data and lack of need, little research has been undertaken. This project will address this emerging need with an innovative combination of network and weather data, advanced forecasting methodology and visualisation. Understanding the needs of the key stakeholders, existing data flows are required prior to suggesting and developing any models. We will apply novel analytical and statistical modelling techniques on our analytical platform to tackle this challenge.
Period 04-Sep-2017 - 31-Jan-2018
System-wide Probabilistic Energy Forecasting
Browell, Jethro (Fellow)
Period 29-Jun-2018 - 28-Jun-2021
TIC LCPE: Ancillary Services from Wind: Initial Survey of possible Technical and Economic Opportunities. Wind-03
Kockar, Ivana (Principal Investigator) Browell, Jethro (Co-investigator) McMillan, David (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Aug-2016 - 31-Oct-2016
Doctoral training centre in wind energy systems | Browell, Jethro
Weiss, Stephan (Principal Investigator) Infield, David (Co-investigator) Browell, Jethro (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2011 - 24-Sep-2015

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Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Technology Innovation Centre

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