Dr Graeme McLean

Senior Lecturer


Personal statement

My research and teaching interests lie within services marketing, customer experience and digital technologies. In particular, I actively explore the role of new technology and its implications for marketing (digital marketing) and in particular how technology influences services.

I have presented my research at a number of international academic conferences in countries including: China, USA, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Portugal. 

I am the Director of our MSc in Digital Marketing Management (DMM). The DMM has been designed to combine the latest academic research with industry perspectives. At the postgraduate level, I deliver classes on Digital Marketing Strategy, e-Marketing in Practice and Customer Management II - e-marketing perspective. I am also the author of the online textbook 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals', courseware produced by Digi Marketing Edu.

At the undergraduate level I am the coordinator of the core 3rd year Marketing Communications in a Digital Age module. This class provides students with both a practical and theoretical perspective on digital marketing.

Before joining the department of marketing, I studied at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at The University of Strathclyde where I obtained my PhD. I have worked in numerous marketing and consultancy roles and was previously a Lecturer in Marketing at The University of the West of Scotland. 




Has expertise in:

    Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Experience

Prizes and awards

King Faisal University Faculty Enrichment University Medal
2019 Best Conference Paper - Managerial Contributions
Teaching Excellence Award Nomination
Teaching Excellence Award Nomination
Confederation of British Industry Though Leaders Network (Scotland)
HubSpot Marketing Professor

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Examining tourism consumers' attitudes and the role of sensory information in virtual reality experiences of a tourist destination
Alyahya Mansour, McLean Graeme
Journal of Travel Research (2021)
Examining consumers' continuous usage of multichannel retailers' mobile applications
Al‐Nabhani Khalid, Wilson Alan, McLean Graeme
Psychology and Marketing (2021)
'Regrettable-escapism' the negative effects of mobile app use : a retail perspective
McLean Graeme, Al-Nabhani Khalid, Marriott Hannah
Psychology and Marketing (2021)
Living the experience before you go… but did it meet expectations? The role of Virtual Reality during hotel bookings
McLean Graeme, Barhorst Jennifer B
Journal of Travel Research, pp. 1-19 (2021)
Augmented reality experiences : exploring psychological, cognitive, and sensory aspects
Barhorst Jennifer, McLean Graeme, Krey Nina, Evanschitzky Heiner, Javornik Ana
2021 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (2021)
Automated technologies : do they co-create or co-destruct value for the customer? An abstract
Mwenje Tichakunda Rodney, Doherty Anne Marie, McLean Graeme
2021 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (2021)

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Professional activities

External Examiner - Birmingham City University
Academy of Marketing Science
External Examiner - Salford University
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Journal of Business Research (Journal)
Peer reviewer
King Faisal University Faculty Enrichment Programme

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Future Customer Purchasing Behaviour & Reflective Business Services (Sania Shakeel)
McLean, Graeme (Principal Investigator)
11-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2024
Arnold Clark 2030 PhD Scholarships - The Future of the Automotive Industry
McLean, Graeme (Principal Investigator)
The Arnold Clark 2030 project is an innovative project seeking to aid Arnold Clark with their future business strategy looking forward to 2030. The work involves the funding of five PhD Scholarships in pursuit of understanding the future of the automotive industry.

The research will draw on expertise across three University departments including: Marketing, Computer and Information Science and Electronic and Electrical Engineering. In the ambition to be the front-runner in the new transport industry by 2030, Arnold Clark recognise that the customer of tomorrow is likely to have different buying habits and needs to the customer of today. Accordingly, the Arnold Clark 2030 project will examine future customer behaviour and how this reflects on Arnold Clark’s business model. More specifically, the research will examine the use of advanced technology as part of the customer journey, understanding customer needs through artificial intelligence and understanding the complexity of electric vehicles and the demands on the wider infrastructure and business opportunities.

Funding Value: £398,276
01-Jan-2019 - 29-Jan-2024
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Social Media... Is technology the gateway for destination tourism
McLean, Graeme (Principal Investigator) Alyahya, Mansour (Co-investigator)
Behind the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia is the second largest tourist destination in the middle east with over 16 million people visiting in 2017. However, most of these visits involve religious pilgrimages. Given Saudi Arabia's 2030 strategy, there is enormous growth for tourism in the country, particularly given the relaxed rules over tourist visas. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism in Saudi Arabia added 9% to the kingdom's total economy and is worth $63 billion.

This project aims to understand the role of advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in stimulating traveler interest in visiting Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the project aims to uncover the role that AR may play within social media to encourage travelers to share content and experiences.

Funding bid submitted to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education for £14,000 in cooperation with colleagues at Kind Faisal University.
Social Media and the New Frontier: Examining the role of AR in Social Media
McLean, Graeme (Principal Investigator) Barhorst, Jennifer (Co-investigator)
Social Media has become a cornerstone of marketing in recent years. The proliferation of social media use has exceeded that of any other media. Reflecting the hype of social media, augmented reality has emerged as a technology that may be an important component of a marketers toolkit. Conceptualisations on the benefits of augmented reality has been widespread with some commentators claiming the technology to be the most disruptive in the next decade. Similar tones are sounding regarding augmented reality as there were with social media in 2005. Such hype has seen brands jump into augmented reality in the hope that consumers will adopt and use the technology with beneficial marketing outcomes. Many similar parallels can be drawn between social media and augmented reality, none more so than the facilitating role of the mobile device.

However, limited research has considered the power of the combination of social media and augmented reality. This project aims to uncover the role of augmented reality in developing interesting and engaging content that consumers are likely to share. Recently some brands have taken to social media such as Snapchat to develop shareable AR filters with friends. Accordingly, this research project will assess the influence AR has on positive eWOM, direct sharing, purchase intentions and perceptions towards the brand.
Investigating the lasting impact of Augmented Reality - is it all just a fad?
McLean, Graeme (Principal Investigator) Barhorst, Jennifer (Principal Investigator)
Augmented Reality (AR) has been outlined as having the potential to stimulate interest in marketing communications messages. AR integrates the consumer as a part of the marketing message and allows them to interact and manipulate content, blending virtual objects with real-world physical objects. However, despite the vast claims on the benefits of AR in marketing communications little is known on the lasting impression the technology provides. Accordingly, this project aims to understand the influence of Augmented Reality on consumer memory recall of a brand's marketing message.

Funded by Charleston Business Fund, South Carolina value of $1000
01-Jan-2019 - 01-Jan-2021
An investigation into the role of 'Time-Of-Day' Marketing in enhancing experiential value in service customer journeys
Alexander, Matthew (Principal Investigator) McLean, Graeme (Principal Investigator) Young, Nefertari (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 01-Jan-2021

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