Dr Eli Dutton

Research Associate

Work, Employment and Organisation

Personal statement

I am a Research Associate in SCER and have worked across a number of projects in the centre, as well as in the department, since 2002 in research areas that include workplace innovation, job quality, low wage work, union learning, HR analytics, workplace equalities and labour market policies. I have also worked on projects elsewhere such as the student experience project and student's part-time employment in CRLL and an evaluation of the DWP/NHS CMP with the School of Health and Social Care, both at Glasgow Caledonian University. Current programme of work includes Improving Management Practices, Work Engagement & Workplace Innovation for Productivity & Wellbeing (ESRC), work practices in the construction industry (STUC) and construction apprenticeships (CWBL).


Has expertise in:

    Skills and work organisation

    Labour markets

    Service sector employment

    Qualitative research methods


HR analytics and the monitoring of equalities data in NHS Scotland
Findlay Patricia, Dutton Eli
Nordic Academy of Management (2019)
More than a feeling : using hotel room attendants to improve understanding of job quality
Knox Angela, Warhurst Chris, Nickson Dennis, Dutton Eli
International Journal of Human Resource Management Vol 26, pp. 1547-1567 (2015)
The weakest link? Product market strategies, skill and pay in the hotel industry
Lloyd Caroline, Warhurst Chris, Dutton Eli
Work, Employment and Society Vol 27, pp. 254-271 (2013)
The national minimum wage, low pay and the UK hotel industry: The case of room attendants
Warhurst C, Lloyd C, Dutton Eli
Sociology Vol 42, pp. 1128-1236 (2008)
A job to believe in : recruitment in the Scottish voluntary sector
Nickson Dennis, Warhurst Chris, Dutton Eli, Hurrell Scott
Human Resource Management Journal Vol 18, pp. 20-35 (2008)
Swashbuckling saviours? Graduate recruitment in the voluntary sector
Hurrell Scott Alexander, Warhurst Chris, Nickson Dennis, Dutton Eli
24th EGOS colloquium (2008)

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Strategic HRM

Employment relations

Research methods


Research interests

My main research interests are in the areas of health and wellbeing, age and employment, new digital technologies, workplace innovation and fair work.


Advanced Undergraduate Entrants: Enhancing Employability and Supporting Positive Graduate Destinations
Anderson, Pauline (Principal Investigator) Scholarios, Dora (Co-investigator) Dutton, Eli (Co-investigator) Davidson, Laura (Co-investigator)
Students entering university at second year or above face a number of challenges, such as integrating into pre-existing social groups and adjusting to pedagogical changes. The limited literature on advanced college entrants tends to focus on transitions into and through university but there is an evidence gap in relation to the transitions beyond university for this student group. This project aims to fill this gap with a view to informing practices that will enhance employability and support positive graduate destinations.

Funding (Internal)
Student Transitions Steering Group: £1,000.00
22-Jan-2017 - 30-Jan-2017
Strathclyde - ESRC Standard Research Transition Standard Competition Dtg | Dutton, Eli
Cunningham, Ian (Principal Investigator) Taylor, Philip (Co-investigator) Dutton, Eli (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2008 - 23-Jan-2019

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Work, Employment and Organisation
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