Dr Gergely Ferenczi

Research Associate


Personal statement

I'm a post doctoral research associate in the Semiconductor Spectorscopy and Devices group. Currently my interests lie in electorn optics. In particular in how electron beams are diffracted by the imperfect periodic structures of semiconductors.
My backgroud is in (quantum) optics. I completed my PhD in Quantum Optics in the Quatum Theory group at the University of Glasgow and worked briefly in the Optics group (on the raytracer known as DrTIM).


Structural and luminescence imaging and characterisation of semiconductors in the scanning electron microscope
Trager-Cowan Carol, Alasmari Aeshah, Avis William, Bruckbauer Jochen, Edwards Paul R, Ferenczi Gergely, Hourahine Benjamin, Kotzai Almpes, Kraeusel Simon, Kusch Gunnar, Martin Robert W, McDermott Ryan, Gunasekar Naresh, Nouf-Allehiani M, Pascal Elena, Thomson David, Vespucci Stefano, Smith Matthew David, Parbrook Peter J, Enslin Johannes, Mehnke Frank, Kuhn Christian, Wernicke Tim, Kneissl Michael, Hagedorn Sylvia, Knauer Arne, Walde Sebastian, Weyers Markus, Coulon Pierre-Marie, Shields Philip, Bai J, Gong Y, Jiu Ling, Zhang Y, Smith Richard, Wang Tao, Winkelmann Aimo
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Statistics of photon-subtracted and photon-added states
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Physical Review A Vol 98 (2018)
Ray-optical transformation optics with ideal thin lenses makes omnidirectional lenses
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Holographic quantum imaging : reconstructing spatial properties via two-particle interference
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Which-way information in a nested Mach-Zehnder interferometer
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Spatially structured photons that travel in free space slower than the speed of light
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