Dr Morag Findlay

Teaching Fellow


Personal statement

I started work as a Physics and Mathematics Teacher Educator in 2001 after spending several years teaching these subjects in secondary schools in Ethiopia and Scotland.

I developed my expertise in Physics Education as I followed a group of physics students on the one-year Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) course, their Inducation Year and beyond as they progressed as teachers.   It was enlightening to use pedagogical content knowledge as a lens to view the development of their ideas about teaching electricity.

Since then, I have been involved in the European Union project Teacher Learning for European Literacy Education (TeL4ELE).   This allowed me to develop my understanding about different approaches to teaching science via literacy.   I am currently pursuing this research interest by working with several physics teachers and their classes as they pilot the introduction of the new l Higher Physics course in 2014-15 and beyond.


All of my developing knowledge across these areas feeds into my teaching on the PGDE course in Educational Studies and General Science as well as Physics education.


I am a member of both the Teachers and Teacher Education (TaTE) and Curriculum and Pedagogy: Policy and Practice (C3P) groups in the School of Education.




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