Dr Marco Fongoni



Personal statement

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of Strathclyde since August 2018. I obtained my Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Strathclyde in November 2017. During the 2017/2018 academic year I held a Teaching Associate position at the University of Strathclyde with Lecturer/Coordinator responsibilities for two advanced macroeconomic classes taught to honours and M.Sc. students.

CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxzvZ_oQrr7rLXljVHNna20zaDg/view 

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of behavioural economics, the microeconomics of the employment relationship, and the macroeconomic theory of wages and unemployment.

I am a versatile theorist with a wide-ranging knowledge of the behavioural economics literature---reference-dependence, fairness, norms and social identity---and the macroeconomic literature on labour market fluctuations and monetary policy. My final aim is to improve our understanding of the determinants of cyclical fluctuations in wages and unemployment by gaining a deeper understanding, and rigorously modelling, the microeconomic behaviour of workers and firms engaged in search, hiring, wage setting and production.

My approach so far has been mainly theoretical and qualitative in style. In my ongoing research I am currently designing and implementing laboratory experiments to test the hypotheses arising from my models, and to further advance our understanding of the employment relationship.

Despite this focus, I am very open and curious towards multidisciplinary approaches to all fields of economics, especially when this engage with novel insights from psychology and sociology.


Has expertise in:

    I have expertise in:

    1) Macroeconomic Theory;

    2) Behavioural Economics (theory and experiments);

    mainly within the areas of:

    3) Labour Markets, Wages and Unemployment.

    I am happy to supervise suitably qualified PhD students in these areas; please get in touch if you want to discuss a potential research project.


B.A. Economics, Università Politecnica delle Marche, 2009-2012

M.Sc. Applied Economics, University of Strathclyde (Best Overall Performance), 2012/2013

Ph.D. Economics, University of Strathclyde, 2013-2017


Asymmetric reference-dependent reciprocity, downward wage rigidity, and the employment contract
Dickson Alex, Fongoni Marco
Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization Vol 163, pp. 409-429 (2019)
Asymmetric reference-dependent reciprocity, downward wage rigidity, and the employment contract
Dickson Alex, Fongoni Marco
Workers' Reciprocity and the (Ir)relevance of Wage Cyclicality for the Volatility of Job Creation
Fongoni Marco
A Theoretical Note on Assymmetries in Intensity and Persistence of Reciprocity in Labour Markets
Fongoni Marco
A Theory of Wage Setting Behaviour
Fongoni Marco, Dickson Alex
A theory of wage setting behavior
Dickson Alex, Fongoni Marco

more publications

Research interests

Macroeconomic Theory, Behavioural Economics, Labour Markets;

- Wage Setting, Reciprocity, and Unemployment Dynamics;

- Macroeconomic Policy,  Monetary Policy Theory and Practice;