Dr Helena Gleskova

Senior Lecturer

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Personal statement

Upon my arrival to Strathclyde in January 2008 I started new research initiative in organic electronics focusing on low-voltage organic thin-film transistors with ultra-thin, bi-layer dielectrics with total thickness of ~ 10 nm. The fabrication process is completely dry and amenable to roll-to-roll processing. We are now developing flexible thin-film sensors based on ferroelectric PVDF co-polymer for electronic skin and wearable electronics.

Previously with the Department of Electrical Engineering of Princeton University (1993-2007), USA,  I pioneered the fabrication of thin-film silicon transistors on flexible glass and plastic substrates, introduced electrophotographic printing into electronic device fabrication, developed the first experimental correlation between the thin-film transistor performance and applied mechanical strain, derived the mechanical theory of thin films on foil substrates to control misalignment in flexible electronics, and made seminal contributions to the defect physics of hydrogenated amorphous silicon. I have co-authored 11 patent groups/applications, 5 book chapters and about 100 technical papers. I also directed a mid-size university microfabrication facility with 100+ users for 7 years.  I am a Senior Member of IEEE and member of Materials Research Society (MRS) and Society for Information Display (SID). 


Has expertise in:

    • Flexible, low-voltage organic thin-film transistors and sensors
    • Ferroelectric PVDF co-polymer and its application to sensing
    • Electro-mechanical behaviour of flexible thin-film electronics
    • Electronic device fabrication using standard and novel techniques
    • Broad range of material growth and characterization techniques


Low-voltage organic thin-film transistors based on [n]phenacenes
Al Ruzaiqi Afra Salim Mohamed, Okamoto Hideki, Kubozono Yoshihiro, Zschieschang Ute, Klauk Hagen, Baran Peter, Gleskova Helena
Organic Electronics (2019)
Organic thin film transistors with multi-finger contacts as voltage amplifiers
Al Ruzaiqi Afra, Ishaku Amayikai A, Gleskova Helena
IEEE Access Vol 6, pp. 43770-43775 (2018)
Multifunctional sensor based on organic field-effect transistor and ferroelectric poly(vinylidene fluoride trifluoroethylene)
Hannah Stuart, Davidson Alan, Glesk Ivan, Uttamchandani Deepak, Dahiya Ravinder, Gleskova Helena
Organic Electronics Vol 56, pp. 170-177 (2018)
Towards the development of a wearable temperature sensor based on a ferroelectric capacitor
Hannah Stuart, Gleskova Helena, Matuska Slavomir, Hudec Robert
12th International Conference ELEKTRO 2018 (2018)
High performance vertical organic electrochemical transistors
Donahue Mary J , Williamson Adam, Strakosas Xenofon , Friedlein Jacob T , McLeod Robert R , Gleskova Helena, Malliaras George G
Advanced Materials Vol 29 (2017)
Interplay between vacuum-grown monolayers of alkyl phosphonic acids and the performance of organic transistors based on dinaphtho[2,3-b:2′,3′-f]thieno[3,2-b]thiophene
Hannah Stuart, Cardona Javier, Lamprou Dimitrios A, Sutta Pavol , Baran Peter, Al Ruzaiqi Afra, Johnston Karen, Gleskova Helena
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Vol 8, pp. 25405-25414 (2016)

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I am involved in several core modules in the first and second years.  The classes are large and the student population is composed of students studying on four different degree programs.  Consequently, my teaching methods cover traditional and innovative lecturing, hands-on tutorial support, weekly on-line quizzes with instant feedback, and laboratories requiring mandatory preparation and active participation.   

My taeching duties are:

EE105  PDP & SGT    

EE269  Electronic and Electrical Principles 2     

EE271  Electronic and Electrical Techniques and Designs 2     

Research interests

  • Integration of thin-film devices with flexible substrates
  • Electrical response of thin-film electronics to mechanical strain
  • Novel device fabrication processes including printing and roll-to-roll fabrication
  • Low-voltage thin-film electronics
  • Electronic skin and tactile sensing
  • Electrically conducting biogels

Professional activities

École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne, Gardanne
Visiting researcher
Role of phosphonic acid monolayers in low-voltage organic transistors
Invited speaker
Phosphonic acid monolayers and their significance in low-voltage organic field-effect transistors
PRIME 2015
Low-voltage organic thin-film transistors
Invited speaker
Max-Planck Institute, Stuttgart
Visiting researcher

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Organic electrochemical transistors for future health
Gleskova, Helena (Principal Investigator)
04-Jan-2017 - 18-Jan-2017
SENSors and Intelligence in BuiLt Environment (SENSIBLE) MSCA RISE
Stankovic, Lina (Principal Investigator) Glesk, Ivan (Co-investigator) Gleskova, Helena (Co-investigator) Stankovic, Vladimir (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2017 - 31-Jan-2020
Polymorph control in PVDF thin films for sensor applications and composites
Johnston, Karen (Principal Investigator) Sefcik, Jan (CoI) Mulheran, Paul (CoI) Gleskova, Helena (CoI) Liggat, John (CoI) McKechnie, David (Researcher)
In this project we will develop a computational model to guide the design of polymer thin films for composite and flexible sensor applications.
01-Jan-2016 - 31-Jan-2017
Research Studentship in Organic Electronics | Afra Al-Ruzaiqi
Gleskova, Helena (Principal Investigator) Soraghan, John (Academic) Al Ruzaiqi, Afra Salim Mohamed (Post Grad Student)
01-Jan-2016 - 01-Jan-2019
BTG - A joint theoretical and experimental investigation of alkyl phosphonic acid SAMs in organic field-effect transistors
Johnston, Karen (Principal Investigator) Gleskova, Helena (Principal Investigator) Cardona Amengual, Javier (Researcher)
EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant - DTA, University of Strathclyde | Hannah, Stuart
Gleskova, Helena (Principal Investigator) Uttamchandani, Deepak (Co-investigator) Hannah, Stuart (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2013 - 09-Jan-2017

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Electronic and Electrical Engineering
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