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Dr Stuart Grey

Teaching Fellow

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Sunlight illumination models for spacecraft surface charging
Grey Stuart, Marchand Richard, Ziebart Marek, Omar Roghaiya
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, (2017)
Deformation of space debris and subsequent changes in orbit during eclipse due to solar and earth radiation fluxes
Grey Stuart
7th European Conference on Space Debris, (2017)
Modelling spacecraft illumination and the effect of specular, diffuse and multiple reflection on photoelectron emission
Grey Stuart, Marchand Richard
14th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference, (2016)
NT12–230 Discrimination via Extremely High Accuracy Trajectory Modelling
Grey Stuart, Ziebart Marek
Geomagnetic Lorentz force modeling for orbit prediction : methods and initial results
Bhattarai Santosh, Virdee Hira, Grey Stuart, Ziebart Marek
AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, (2014)
Non-conservative torque and attitude modelling for enhanced space situational awareness
Virdee Hira S., Bhattarai Santosh, Grey Stuart, Ziebart Marek
AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference 2014, (2014)

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
James Weir Building

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