Dr Naresh Gunasekar

Research Associate



Design and fabrication of enhanced lateral growth for dislocation reduction in GaN using nanodashes
Le Boulbar E. D., Priesol J. , Nouf-Allehiani M., Naresh-Kumar G., Fox S., Trager-Cowan C., Šatka A., Allsopp D. W. E., Shields P. A.
Journal of Crystal Growth, pp. 30-38, (2017)
Diffraction effects and inelastic electron transport in angle-resolved microscopic imaging applications
Winkelmann A., Nolze G., Vespucci S., Gunasekar N., Trager-Cowan C., Vilalta-Clemente A., Wilkinson A. J., Vos M.
Journal of Microscopy, (2017)
Diffractive triangulation of radiative point sources
Vespucci S., Naresh-Kumar G., Trager-Cowan C., Mingard K. P., Maneuski D., O'Shea V., Winkelmann A.
Applied Physics Letters Vol 110, (2017)
Cross-correlation based high resolution electron backscatter diffraction and electron channelling contrast imaging for strain mapping and dislocation distributions in InAlN thin films
Vilalta-Clemente A., Naresh-Kumar G., Nouf-Allehiani M., Gamarra P., di Forte-Poisson M.A., Trager-Cowan C., Wilkinson A.J.
Acta Materialia Vol 125, pp. 125-135, (2017)
Nanoscale fissure formation in AlxGa1–xN/GaN heterostructures and their influence on Ohmic contact formation
Smith M. D., Thomson D., Zubialevich V. Z., Li H., Naresh-Kumar G., Trager-Cowan C., Parbrook P. J.
Physica Status Solidi A Vol 214, (2017)
Electron channelling contrast imaging for III-nitride thin film structures
Naresh-Kumar G., Thomson D., Nouf-Allehiani M., Bruckbauer J., Edwards P. R., Hourahine B., Martin R.W., Trager-Cowan C.
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing Vol 47, pp. 44-50, (2016)

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