Dr Conor Heaney




Fulfilling the responsibility to protect
Heaney Conor
St. Antony's International Review Vol 11, pp. 94-110 (2015)
How do you make yourself a chapter without organisation?
Gaydon Phil, Heaney Conor, Mackenzie Hollie, MacKenzie Iain
Critical Methods for the Study of World Politics Creativity and Transformation (2021) (2021)
Rhythmic nootechnics : Stiegler, Whitehead, and noetic life
Heaney Conor
Educational Philosophy and Theory Vol 52, pp. 397-408 (2020)
The disparity between culture & technics
Heaney Conor
Culture, Theory and Critique Vol 60, pp. 193-204 (2019)
Tragic rhythms : Nietzsche and Agamben on rhythm and art
Heaney Conor
La Deleuziana, pp. 61-78 (2019)
Pursuing joy with Deleuze : transcendental empiricism and affirmative naturalism as worldly practice
Heaney Conor
Deleuze and Guattari Studies Vol 12, pp. 374-401 (2018)

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