Dr Jana Katharina Schniete

Research Associate


Personal statement

My research interests are in the areas of

  1. Molecular Microbiology with a focus on understanding bacterial metabolism and its evolution as well as finding ways how to manipulate it for the production of useful chemicals
  2. Microbial ecology by studying the microbial physiology in combination with their genome and gene expression profiles under different conditions
  3. Development of novel super resolution microscopy techniques for imaging biological structures.


Streptomyces altiplanensis sp. nov., an alkalitolerant species isolated from Chilean Altiplano soil, and emended description of streptomyces chryseus (Krasil'nikov et al. 1965) Pridham 1970
Cortés-Albayay Carlos, Dorador Cristina, Schumann Peter, Schniete Jana K, Herron Paul, Andrews Barbara, Asenjo Juan, Nouioui Imen
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology Vol 69, pp. 2498-2505 (2019)
TartanSW : filling the information gap in standing wave microscopy
Tinning P W, Schniete J K, Scrimgeour R, McConnell G
Photonex (2019)
Expanding primary metabolism helps generate the metabolic robustness to facilitate antibiotic biosynthesis in Streptomyces
Schniete Jana K, Cruz-Morales Pablo, Selem-Mojica Nelly, Fernández-Martínez Lorena T, Hunter Iain S, Barona-Gómez Francisco, Hoskisson Paul A
mBio Vol 9 (2018)
Draft genome sequence of Streptomyces phaeoluteigriseus DSM41896
Schniete Jana K, Salih Talal S, Algora-Gallardo Lis, Santos Tiago, Filgueira-Martinez Sara, Herron Paul R
Genome Announcements Vol 5 (2017)
Tailoring specialized metabolite production in streptomyces
Hiltner Jana K, Hunter Iain S, Hoskisson Paul A
Advances in Applied Microbiology (2015) (2015)
Systems biology approaches to metabolic engineering in Streptomycetes : the Phosphoenolpyruvate-Pyruvate-Oxaloacetate node of primary metabolism
Hiltner J K, Cruz J C Santos, Fernandez-Martinez L, Petkovic H, Hunter I S, Hoskisson P A
FEBS Journal Vol 279, pp. 264-264 (2012)

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