Dr Harvey Humphrey

Research Associate

Children and Young People's Centre for Justice

Personal statement

I thought academia was not for me
Seeking representation through my degree
Searching across all those black and white pages
Assuming universalism through the ages

Such claims to truth yet they did not speak to me
I really tried but this ‘truth’ I could not see
So I abandoned these rules and disciplines
To tell different truths, find new beginnings
I share my research with the words that best fit
Trying to worry less about who gets it

So dear reader perhaps you cannot relate
To any of the issues on which I prate
To my queer focus on temporalities
Or celebration of non-normative bodies
But at least this research is not hard to read
Focusing instead on accessibility
Yet offers a rainbow of complexity
And understandings outside stark binaries

Maybe being Out it makes space in HE
Making it easier for others like me
An academic activist? Try to be
Embracing creative sociology
While still somewhat interdisciplinary
Or maybe I just like language and poetry


PhD Sociology
MRes Equality and Human Rights
MA Critical and Cultural Theory
BA(hons) English Studies


Co-producing trans ethical research
Humphrey Rhi, Nic Giolla Easpaig Bròna, Fox Rachael
The Emergence of Trans (2020) (2020)
I think journalists sometimes forget that we’re just people : analysing the effects of UK trans media representation on trans audiences
Humphrey Rhi
Gender Forum Vol 56, pp. 23-43 (2016)
Cover letter
Humphrey Harvey
Qualitative Inquiry (2022)
Section 28 : school's not out
Humphrey Harvey
Twenty-Eight (2022) (2022)
Making space; making self : using Lego(R) figures and creative practice to facilitate queer early career researchers
Humphrey Harvey, Marzetti Hazel
LEGO® for University Learning Online, Offline and Elsewhere (2022) (2022)
Building a community for queer disability studies : lessons from the snail
Slater Jen, Humphrey Harvey, Coleman-Fountain Edmund, Jones Charlotte
Canadian Journal of Disability Studies (2022)

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Research interests

Creative Representation

I tried to find the words but they wouldn’t come
struggling to write, all my thoughts come undone
overwhelmed by the burden
of representation
of real people with a real story
so I added creativity

Swapping out one truth for another
Replacing one place with the other
removed from context, out of time
Freed up these stories, theirs not mine
their many truths overlapped in rhyme

Through this I found the words, their words
Their expression, their phrasing, their terms
to do justice to their stories, contexts
to make sense of relationships so complex
offers an analysis that respects complex contexts

Professional activities

Disabled Young People’s Experience of Personal Support: Intimacies, Identities and Embodiments in Personal Assistance Relationships
Using Poetry and Plays to Discuss Non-binary Recognition
Spring Into Methods - Doing Feminist Research
British Sociological Association Annual Conference
Podcast #33: Meet Some Academics: Harvey Humphrey and Yvette Taylor

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Using Poetry and Plays to Discuss Non-binary Recognition
Humphrey, Harvey (Principal Investigator)
Brief talk ‘Using Poetry and Plays to Discuss Non-binary Recognition’ as part of 'Pint of Science Festival', Webster Bar and Bistro, Glasgow.
11-Jan-2022 - 11-Jan-2022
Ethnodrama and Accessibility: International LGBTIQ+ Research Sharing
Humphrey, Harvey (Principal Investigator) Taylor, Yvette (Co-investigator) Govender, Navan (Co-investigator)
HASS KE Small Grant Funding: £4860
17-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
'Who's Here? Who's Queer?' Making Space for Queer ECRs in Academia
Humphrey, Harvey (Principal Investigator) Marzetti, Hazel (Co-investigator)
A British Sociological Association Early Career Forum Regional Event
15-Jan-2021 - 20-Jan-2022
International Trans and Intersex Activist Relationships: Ethics, Ethnodrama and Representation
Humphrey, Harvey (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2022
International Trans and Intersex Activist Relationships: Ethics, Ethnodrama and Representation
Taylor, Yvette (Co-investigator) Humphrey, Harvey (Fellow)
01-Jan-2021 - 19-Jan-2022

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