Dr Gareth Johnson

Research Fellow

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Personal statement

Gareth is a geologist with broad interests in energy geosciences. He has experience from both industry and academia in the fields of geochemistry and structural geology applied to carbon dioxide storage and negative emission technologies, geothermal energy, energy storage and oil, gas and mineral production. He enjoys inter-disciplinary research where he brings subsurface expertise and knowledge to wider research engaging with energy and associated waste production in a carbon constrained world.


Appraisal of CO2 storage potential in compressional hydrocarbon-bearing basins : global assessment and case study in the Sichuan Basin (China)
Sun Xiaolong, Alcalde Juan, Gomez-Rivas Enrique, Struth Lucía, Johnson Gareth, Travé Anna
Geoscience Frontiers Vol 11, pp. 2309-2321 (2020)
Fault seal modelling - the influence of fluid properties on fault sealing capacity in hydrocarbon and CO2 systems
Karolytė Rūta, Johnson Gareth, Yielding Graham, Gilfillan Stuart MV
Petroleum Geoscience Vol 26, pp. 481-497 (2020)
Stress field orientation controls on fault leakage at a natural CO2 reservoir
Miocic Johannes M, Johnson Gareth, Gilfillan Stuart MV
Solid Earth Vol 11, pp. 1361-1374 (2020)
Noble gases confirm plume-related mantle degassing beneath Southern Africa
Gilfillan SMV, Györe D, Flude S, Johnson G, Bond CE, Hicks N, Lister R, Jones DG, Kremer Y, Haszeldine RS, Stuart FM
Nature Communications Vol 10, pp. 1-7 (2019)
Low-carbon GeoEnergy resource options in the Midland Valley of Scotland, UK
Heinemann N, Alcalde J, Johnson G, Roberts JJ, McCay AT, Booth MG
Scottish Journal of Geology Vol 55, pp. 93-106 (2019)
Fault interpretation in seismic reflection data : an experiment analysing the impact of conceptual model anchoring and vertical exaggeration
Alcalde Juan, Bond Clare E, Johnson Gareth, Kloppenburg Armelle, Ferrer Oriol, Bell Rebecca, Ayarza Puy
Solid Earth Vol 10, pp. 1651-1662 (2019)

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Gareth currently teaches Geological Engineering (CL314). He also has wider teaching interests and experience in: Field Geology, Digital Mapping, Structural Modelling, Isotope Geochemistry, Climate Change, Geology of Western Canada.

Research interests

Geomechanics, Structural Geology, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Discrete Fracture Network modelling, Fault Seal Analysis, Monitoring Measurement and Verification (CCS), Negative emissions, CCS, Geothermal Energy, Energy decarbonisation, Energy storage, Uncertainty in geological data.

Professional activities

Pressure, Faults & CO2 Leakage: Learning from onshore analogues
Energy Conversations: Decarbonising residential heat – how can we make the transition to low-carbon heat?
Fault zones and fluid flow: what we know from natural CO2 analogues
Fault zones and fluid flow: what we know from natural CO2 analogues
Invited speaker
University of Calgary
Visiting researcher

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Doctoral Training Partnership 2018-19 University of Strathclyde | McMahon, Christopher
Roberts, Jen (Principal Investigator) Johnson, Gareth (Co-investigator) White, Chris (Co-investigator) McMahon, Christopher (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 01-Jan-2023
The architecture and fluid flow properties of shallow fault systems and their implications for geoenergy engineering
Roberts, Jen (Principal Investigator) Shipton, Zoe (Co-investigator) Johnson, Gareth (Co-investigator) McMahon, Christopher (Researcher)
This PhD project seeks to further understanding of fluid flow in the shallow subsurface, and particularly around fault zones, with the aim to reduce risks of geological engineering such as CO2 or hydrogen storage and to inform environmental monitoring. The project involves partners at CSIRO and Geoscience Australia.
RES co-located and optimised Direct Air Capture
Stock, Adam (Principal Investigator) Johnson, Gareth (Principal Investigator)
Funded through Strathwide, the project aims to look at the feasibility of combining Direct Air Capture technology with renewable energy systems, particularly wind energy
30-Jan-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

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