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Dr Maria Karampela



Personal statement

Maria joined the Department of Marketing as a Lecturer in August 2014. Ever since August 2016, she sits on the University's Senate, and also on the University's Discipline Committee.

Maria completed her PhD in the University of Edinburgh Business School, having received the prestigious Principal's Career Development Scholarship, a position that provided her with many professional development opportunities in both research and teaching. Her thesis investigated the patterns of alignment between consumer and brand personalities, and the influence of this alignment on desirable brand-related outcomes. 

Maria also holds a BSc in Marketing & Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece). She was awarded with a four-year scholarship by the Striftos Foundation, due to high academic competence throughout her undergraduate studies. 

She also holds an MSc in International Marketing, jointly awarded by a cooperation of five European Universities (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece; University of Leicester, UK; Radboud University, Nijmegen School of Management, Holland; University of Minho, Portugal; Cornivus University of Budapest, Hungary). Her dissertation was on: "The Presence of Greek Companies in International Trade Shows: Preparation, Organization, Evaluation of Performance & Implications". She graduated first in her class. 



Has expertise in:

    • Branding
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Cross-cultural research
    • International marketing strategies
    • Mixed-methods research design

Prizes and awards

Nominated for Best Teacher in Business Faculty
Nominated for Most Supportive Teacher in the University
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Associate Fellowship (Teaching Accreditation Award of Higher Education Academy)
PhD Room Representative
Bursary (Academy of Marketing)

more prizes and awards


Exploring the UK micro-brewing industry : factors facilitating and hindering micro-firms’ growth and internationalisation efforts
Karampela Maria, Waehning Nadine
2016 Academy of Marketing Science 19th World Marketing Congress, (2016)
Maggie's Monster Bike & Hike Event : Marketing Planning in the Charity/Not-For-Profit Sector
Marchant Caroline, Karampela Maria, Marshall David
When opposites attract: incorporating trait complementarity into the measurement of self-brand personality alignment
Karampela Maria, Tregear Angela, Ansell Jake
Advances in Consumer Research Vol 42, pp. 539-540, (2014)
When opposites attract : incorporating trait complementarity into the measurement of self-brand personality alignment
Karampela Maria, Tregear Angela, Ansell Jake
Association for Consumer Research Conference (ACR 2014), (2014)
The alignment of self and brand personality traits : an exploratory analysis
Karampela Maria, Tregear Angela
Academy of Marketing Annual Conference 2014, (2014)
Investigating brand personality perceptions and preferences : the influence of higher-order goals
Karampela Maria, Tregear Angela, Ansell Jake, Dunnett Susan
International Research Conference in Marketing: "Reflecting on the Past, Celebrating the Present and Shaping the Future in Marketing Research", (2013)

more publications


Maria's teaching interests cover a range of topics, including branding, consumer behaviour (across cultures), international marketing and not-for-profit marketing. In 2016, she was nominated by her students for two University of Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards: Best Teacher in the Business Faculty, and Most Supportive Teacher.  

She is currently the Class Coordinator for the Strategic Marketing in an International Context module (Year 3) and the International Business Management Honours class. She also teaches Strategic Global Marketing in the MSc in International Marketing programme. has also been nominated by her students for the University of Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Award.   

Her experience also includes teaching across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate classes, such as for instance in core, introductory Marketing (undergraduate level) or advanced International Marketing classes (postgraduate level), as well as extensive experience in the design and assessment of a range of modules, such as Business Studies, Consuming & Communicating Brands, Critical Thinking in Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy and Understanding Brands. 

Maria has received extensive training on pedagogy and teaching and assessment methods and regularly attends workshops and webinars held from the Higher Education Academy and the Organisational and Staff Development Unit (University of Strathclyde). She has recently been awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Academic Studies (Practice) and is now a Fellow of the HEA. She has also attended the full series of teaching development courses provided by the Institute for Academic Development in the University of Edinburgh, during her doctoral studies.

Her reflective approach to teaching led her to the development of a teaching case-study, written in cooperation with Dr Caroline Marchant and Prof David Marshall (University of Edinburgh Business School). The case delves into the issues and opportunities of marketing planning for non-profit organisations, and invites students' critical consideration, as conventional theoretical norms in marketing planning and strategy do not necessarily apply in the charity sector.

Research interests

  • Research interests & expertise:

Primary research interests include branding, consumer-brand relationships, cross-cultural differences in consumer behaviour and international marketing strategies. Secondary research interests include non-profit marketing and SMEs' marketing strategies.

Maria's research expertise spans across a variety of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Maria would welcome proposals for future collaboration in any topic across the span of her research interests and would be happy to supervise PhD candidates interested in those areas. 

Maria would welcome proposals for future collaboration in any topic across the span of her research interests. 

  • Current research focus:

Maria is currently involved in numerous research projects. Her most recent work focuses on internationalisation enablers and challenges for micro-firms whose core branding strategies revolve around their deep connection with the local settings in which they are embedded. 

  • Doctoral research:

Maria's PhD thesis, titled "An investigation of patterns of self-brand personality alignment", explored the relationship between consumers’ perceptions of own personality traits and their perceptions of their favourite brands’ personality traits. By adopting a relational view of consumer-brand interactions and drawing from theories of interpersonal attraction, the study explored the possibility that the alignment between consumers’ perceptions of their own personalities and of the personalities of their favourite brands may exhibit a complementarity configuration, besides similarity, that is, consumers might be drawn to brands with traits that complement, rather than mirror their own. Following a mixed-methods approach, an exploratory qualitative phase (in-depth, semi-structured interviews) and a quantitative phase (online survey), the study explored complex aspects of consumers' relationships with their favourite brands, and tested a series of propositions about the structure and composition of consumers’ perceptions of brand personality, as well as about alternative forms of self-brand personality alignment and their impact on desirable brand-related outcomes. Besides her thesis, Maria's work during her PhD studies has also examined cross-cultural differences in consumers' perceptions of brand personality, as well as the relationship between consumers' own personalities and their higher-order goals, a piece of work with interdisciplinary implications.

  • Academic citizenship:

Maria regularly presents her research in international, national and regional conferences, such as the Annual Conference of the Association for Consumer Research, of the Academy of Marketing, and of the Academy of Marketing Science. 

She is a regular reviewer for major journals and conferences in the Marketing discipline, including the Journal of Marketing Management, the Journal of Product & Brand Management, the Annual Conferences of the European Marketing Academy, of the Academy of Marketing Science, and of the Academy of Marketing.

She has also been involved in the organisation of research conferences and seminars. Currently, she is part of the Organising Committee for the European Marketing Academy Conference scheduled to take place in the University of Strathclyde in May 2018. She was the Conference Chair & Organiser of the International Research Conference in Marketing titled "Reflecting on the Past, Celebrating the Present and Shaping the Future in Marketing Research", which took place on the University of Edinburgh Business School in September 2013, and she was Member of the Organising Committee of the Child & Teen Consumption Conference, which took place in the premises of the University of Edinburgh Business School in April 2014. She has also organised workshops on a range of topics including research funding and academic writing.

Professional activities

European Marketing Academy Conference 2018
Member of programme committee
Invited talk at the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA Scotland)
Invited speaker
Center for Innovation, BUC, Bergen
Visiting researcher
European Marketing Academy Annual Conference 2016 (Publisher)
Peer reviewer
Journal of Brand Management (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Athens Journal of Business & Economics (Journal)
Peer reviewer

more professional activities


Crafting Growth: Exploring emerging potential and challenges of extended collaboration for Scotland’s craft beer sector
Wilson, Juliette (Principal Investigator) Karampela, Maria (Co-investigator) Drakopoulou Dodd, Sarah (Co-investigator)
The project follows the successful funding application to the Scottish Universities Insight Institute latest call ‘Learning from other places’. The SUII call was for projects that seek to engage in any type of knowledge exchange between Scotland and other parts of Europe. The team put together a proposal that involves the collaboration of academics, practitioners and industry support bodies from the UK and 9 other European countries. The project involves various research and knowledge exchange activities regarding innovative best practices in relation to 4 themes relevant to breweries: Sourcing, Producing and Distributing; Branding, Marketing and Communicating; Internationalisation; Contextual Challenges (regulation, support, legislation). The award is approx. £20,000.
Period 13-Jan-2017 - 30-Jun-2017
Employee Family Work Balance and Company Performance: Irreconcilable or Complementary
Karampela, Maria (Co-investigator) Gounaris, Spiros (Principal Investigator) Jafari, Aliakbar (Co-investigator)
Funding application to ESRC
Period 01-Sep-2016 - 31-Aug-2019
Not a pint sized industry anymore: Supporting Scottish small-medium sized breweries reach international markets (Knowledge Exchange Event)
Karampela, Maria (Principal Investigator) Gounaris, Spiros (Academic)
Period 04-May-2016 - 04-May-2016
Marketing Works Project: Developing a promotional plan for Auld Alliance Hotel & Restaurant to increase brand awareness with local and international clientele
Karampela, Maria (Principal Investigator)
Period 18-Jan-2016 - 23-Jun-2016
Marketing Works Project: Rebranding the Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary Services
Karampela, Maria (Principal Investigator)
Period 19-Jan-2015 - 26-Jun-2015
Minerva S.A.: Developing an International Marketing Strategy using the Global Marketing Management System Online (Company situation analysis, global market search-selecting country markets, in-depth market analysis, entry strategy & marketing plan)
Karampela, Maria (Academic)
Period 01-Apr-2009 - 31-Oct-2009

more projects