Dr Jeremy Ledent

Research Associate

Computer and Information Sciences


A dynamic epistemic logic analysis of equality negation and other epistemic covering tasks
van Ditmarsch Hans, Goubault Éric, Lazić Marijana, Ledent Jérémy, Rajsbaum Sergio
Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming Vol 121 (2021)
Two-agent approximate agreement from an epistemic logic perspective
Ledent Jeremy, Rajsbaum Sergio, Armenta-Segura Jorge
Thirteenth Latin American Workshop on New Methods of Reasoning 2020 (2020)
Compositional Game Theory, compositionally
Atkey Robert, Gavranović Bruno, Ghani Neil, Kupke Clemens, Ledent Jérémy, Nordvall Forsberg Fredrik
Applied Category Theory 2020 (2020)
A simplicial complex model for dynamic epistemic logic to study distributed task computability
Goubault Éric, Ledent Jérémy, Rajsbaum Sergio
Information and Computation (2020)

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