Dr Katharina Lefering

Research Associate



Remote sensing of zooplankton swarms
Basedow Sünnje L, McKee David, Lefering Ina, Gislason Astthor, Daase Malin, Trudnowska Emilia, Egeland Einar Skarstad, Choquet Marvin, Falk-Petersen Stig
Scientific Reports Vol 9 (2019)
Measurement uncertainties in PSICAM and reflective tube absorption meters
Lefering Ina, Röttgers Rüdiger, Utschig Christian, Twardowski Michael S, McKee David
Optics Express Vol 26, pp. 24384-24402 (2018)
Forward modeling of inherent optical properties from flow cytometry estimates of particle size and refractive index
Agagliate Jacopo, Lefering Ina, McKee David
Applied Optics Vol 57, pp. 1777-1788 (2018)
Assessing uncertainties in scattering correction algorithms for reflective tube absorption measurements made with a WET Labs ac-9
Stockley Nicole D, Röttgers Rüdiger, McKee David, Lefering Ina, Sullivan James M, Twardowski Michael S
Optics Express Vol 25, pp. A1139-A1153 (2017)
Determination of the absorption coefficient of chromophoric dissolved organic matter from underway spectrophotometry
Dall'Olmo Giorgio, Brewin Robert J W, Nencioli Francesco, Organelli Emanuele, Lefering Ina, McKee David, Röttgers Rüdiger, Mitchell Catherine, Boss Emmanuel, Bricaud Annick, Tilstone Gavin
Optics Express Vol 25, pp. A1079-A1095 (2017)
Uncertainty budgets for liquid waveguide CDOM absorption measurements
Lefering Ina, Röttgers Rüdiger, Utschig Christian, McKee David
Applied Optics Vol 56, pp. 6357-6366 (2017)

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