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Personal statement

Professor Yun Li is currently with Faculty of Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. He received his BSc from Sichuan University, China, MEng from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), PhD from University of Strathclyde, and CBA from Adam Smith Business School of University of Glasgow. Following a period with UK National Engineering Laboratory as consultant engineer in 1989 and with Industrial Systems and Control Ltd as postdoctoral research engineer in 1990, he joined University of Glasgow as Lecturer in 1991, where later he served as Professor and Founding Director of University of Glasgow Singapore and Founding Director of University of Glasgow’s Joint Education Programme with UESTC. In March 2018, he moved to University of Strathclyde to deepen research into artificial intelligence (AI) for Industry 4.0 in Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management, and work as overseas Distinguished Professor at Dongguan University of Technology located in China’s manufacturing hub.


Has expertise in:

    Artificial Intelligence; Evolutionary Computation; Optimisation, modelling and control for intelligent design, manufacture, engineering management and service; Industry 4.0.

    Transnational Education, High Education management

Prizes and awards

PID control system analysis, design, and technology, the monthly most Popular Paper on IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization, monthly top 5 Popular Paper on IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B (Cybernetics)

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BSc, MEng, PhD, CBA, CEng


Parallel transfer evolution algorithm
Laili Yuanjun, Zhang Lin, Li Yun
Applied Soft Computing Journal Vol 75, pp. 686-701 (2019)
Simplex search-based brain storm optimization
Chen Wei, Cao Yingying, Cheng Shi, Sun Yifei, Liu Qunfeng, Li Yun
IEEE Access Vol 6, pp. 75997-76006 (2018)
An adaptive multi-population differential artificial bee colony algorithm for many-objective service composition in cloud manufacturing
Zhou Jiajun, Yao Xifan, Lin Yingzi, Chan Felix TS, Li Yun
Information Sciences Vol 456, pp. 50-82 (2018)
A level-based learning swarm optimizer for large-scale optimization
Yang Qiang, Chen Wei-Neng, Deng Jeremiah Da, Li Yun, Gu Tianlong, Zhang Jun
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation Vol 22, pp. 578-594 (2018)
Review of active noise control techniques with emphasis on sound quality enhancement
Jiang Jiguang, Li Yun
Applied Acoustics Vol 136, pp. 139-148 (2018)
Computational Intelligence Assisted Design : In Industrial Revolution 4.0
Chen Yi, Li Yun

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In 1995, Yun Li developed one of the world's first 30 evolutionary and neural computing courses and, in 1997, the online interactive courseware GA_demo for this course and computer-automated design (CAutoD). 

Ha has an interest in teaching in artificial intelligence, evolutionary computation, optimisation, modelling, and control for intelligent design, smart manufacture, engineering management and services, and for Industry 4.0.

Research interests

Prof Li’s research has mainly been concerned with transforming the simulation-based passive Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to the AI-enabled pro-active Computer-Automated Design (CAutoD), machine learning and “machine inventing”, especially for the dawning "Industry 4.0".  With data-driven prospects of computation akin to the human being, CAutoD offers intelligent search, learning and automation functionalities as services for optimal design, virtual prototyping and cyber-physical integration, applicable to electronic, electrical, mechanical, control, manufacturing, and biomedical engineering, operations management, financial and economic system modelling and optimisation. He developed one of the world’s first 30 evolutionary and neural computing courses in 1995 and its online interactive genetic algorithm (GA) courseware GA_demo, demonstrating also the working mechanism of CAutoD. He served on the Management Board of the European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computation (EvoNet), and established both the EvoNet Workgroup on Systems, Control, and Drives for Industry and the IEEE Computer-Aided Control System Design Evolutionary Computation Working Group. 

Prof Li was General Chair of the EPSRC funded Industrial Systems in the Digital Age conference, “Looking Beyond Industry 4.0”, held in Glasgow in 2017. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Trans Evolutionary Computation and of IEEE Trans Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, and a Guest Editor of Smart Design, Smart Manufacture and Industry 4.0 Special Issue for Energies.  He has over 260 publications, among which one is noted the most popular in IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology every month and another most cited in IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics – Part B.  More publications may be downloaded from: or

Prof Li currently offers the following PhD projects:

  • CAutoD and computational intelligence for engineering design, virtual prototyping, manufacture and engineering management;
  • Evolving dynamic system models from big data for ‘data-led discovery’ and IoT for predictive design and prototyping;
  • Model-free predictive control for engineering systems, operations and supply chain management, financial systems and investments;
  • High-speed computational intelligence algorithms for search, optimization, and invention;
  • Applications of artificial intelligence and systems engineering.

PhD is about making an original contribution to knowledge in your area of research, with evidence of systematic study and independent, critical and original thinking, sustained by academic rigour and significance.  我们将为双一流高校本科毕业生和研究生提供直接攻读博士学位的奖学金,其他优秀硕士生也欢迎申请。此外,也给企业优秀员工提供机会,直接在所属单位远程攻读思克莱德大学“工业博士”学位(企业需批准脱产三年和资助学费九千英镑x三年)。学科详情请见:


Prof Li’s past PhD students include:

  • Professor Kay Chen Tan, City University of Hong Kong (FIEEE and Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, past EiC of IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine)
  • Professor Cindy Goh, Director of University of Glasgow Singapore
  • Dr. Lipton Chan, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley (Shanghai)
  • Dr. Jin Yin, Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Beijing)


An ORC power plant integrated with thermal energy storage to utilise renewable heat sources for distributed H&P
Yu, Zhibin (Principal Investigator) Zhou, Keliang (Co-investigator) Li, Yun (Co-investigator)
Newton Fund with China
01-Jan-2017 - 31-Jan-2019
Network Plus: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age
Sharples, Sarah (Principal Investigator) Watson, Paul (Co-investigator) Li, Yun (Co-investigator)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
01-Jan-2016 - 31-Jan-2019
Dynamic Distributed Particle Swarm Optimisation
Chen, Wei-Neng (Principal Investigator) Li, Yun (Principal Investigator)
Newton Fund: Royal Society - National Natural Science Foundation of China
01-Jan-2015 - 28-Jan-2017
Experimental Investigation and Optimisation of a Si3N4-based Ceramic Powder Injection Moulding Process for the Manufacturing of Ceramic Cutter Inserts
Della, C (Principal Investigator) Goh, Cindy (Co-investigator) Li, Yun (Principal Investigator)
Economic Development Board of Singapore and Dou Yee Technologies
02-Jan-2014 - 01-Jan-2018
Multi-objective Optimisation for Innovation Hull Form
Li, Yun (Principal Investigator) Goh, Cindy (Co-investigator)
Economic Development Board of Singapore and Sembmarine Corp
01-Jan-2014 - 31-Jan-2018
Modelling and Simulation of Wireless Sensor Networks
Li, Yun (Principal Investigator) Goh, Cindy (Co-investigator)
Economic Development Board of Singapore and NXP Semiconductor Corp
01-Jan-2013 - 30-Jan-2017

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