Ms Erin Lux

Research Associate

Institute for Inspiring Children's Futures


Preventing mental illness, preventing delinquency : juvenile justice and child psychiatry in post-war America
Lux Erin
Preventing Mental Illness Past, Present and Future (2018) (2018)
Book Review  : Annie Bartlett, Secure Lives : The Meaning & Importance of Culture in Secure Hospital Care
Lux Erin J
History of Psychiatry Vol 27, pp. 371-372 (2016)
Robert Peckham (ed.), Disease and Crime : A History of Social Pathologies and the New Politics of Health
Lux Erin J
Social History of Medicine Vol 29, pp. 657-659 (2016)
Embodied intersubjective engagement in mother-infant tactile communication : a cross-cultural study of Japanese and Scottish mother-infant behaviours during infant pick-up.
Negayama Koichi, Delafield-Butt Jonathan T, Momose Keiko, Ishijima Konomi, Kawahara Noriko, Lux Erin, Murphy Andrew, Konstantinos Kaliarntas
Frontiers in Psychology Vol 6 (2015)
Best Possible Start : Infant Mental Health & Workforce Development [Research Report for NHS Lanarkshire]
Dunlop Aline-Wendy, Carwood-Edwards Jean, Delafield-Butt Jonathan, Ludke Karen, Lux Erin

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