Dr Alan McCruden

Teaching Fellow

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Personal statement

My remit  includes Innovation, Management , Review and Resource

Innovation in Teaching

To lead the design and development of all new initiatives within UG and PGT programmes in SIPBS.

To liaise with professional bodies to ensure all courses retain their fitness‐for‐purpose.

To respond to outside drivers with innovative change and to seek to improve the all educational

programmes through enhancement‐led review.


To consider and make recommendations to the Faculty Academic Administration Committee on all matters pertaining to the development and delivery of UG and PGT programmes in SIPBS.

To oversee the admission of students onto all UG and PGT programmes in SIPBS.

To co‐ordinate the activities of all Course Directors.


To receive reports from the Course Coordinators relating to the organization, delivery and review of all UG and PGT programmes.

To ensure quality assurance in the provision and design of courses at all levels, and in the provision of teaching in SIPBS; oversight of the operational course committees (Bioscience Teaching Committee; MPharm Management Group).

To ensure that all UG and PGT programmes meet appropriate accreditation requirements.


To recommend to the Institute Management Group the allocation of academic, administrative,

secretarial and technical resources for the effective execution of all teaching programmes.

Research interests

As Director of Teaching for SIPBS, I am engaged in improving the student learning experience by developing our use of MyPlace and optimising the delivery of feedback to students for both formal examinations and asignments.


Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Robertson Wing

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