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I am a research assistant at the Fraser of Allander Institute where I work on a number of topics related to economic policy in Scotland, particularly those linked to the labour market and social mobility.

I am also a PhD candidate in the University of Edinburgh’s School of Economics. My current research is on the origins of inequalities in human capital, and how early circumstances influence social and economic outcomes across life.

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A Preliminary Investigation into Modelling the Impact of Measures to Reduce Child Poverty in Scotland
Congreve Emma, Connolly Kevin, Harrison Jordan, Kumar Ashwin, McGregor Peter, Mitchell Mark
Quantifying Socioeconomic Inequality in Childhood Obesity
Laugwitz Justus, Mitchell Mark, Valdivieso Massa Patricio
On why the gender employment gap in Britain has stalled since the early 1990s
Razzu Giovanni, Singleton Carl, Mitchell Mark
Industrial Relations Journal Vol 51, pp. 476-501 (2020)
Implications of Hours Worked for Inequality and Poverty : Interim Report
Eiser David, Roy Graeme, Mitchell Mark
The crisis in context [Podcast] EP11
Mitchell Mark, Young Alf, Spowage Mairi

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Fraser of Allander Election 2021 Briefing
Congreve, Emma (Principal Investigator) Mitchell, Mark (Co-investigator) McIntyre, Stuart (Co-investigator) Eiser, David (Co-investigator) Spowage, Mairi (Co-investigator) Watts, Robert (Co-investigator) McGeoch, Adam (Researcher) Cooper, Benjamin (Researcher) Black, James (Researcher) Brocek, Frantisek (Researcher)
24-Jan-2021 - 04-Jan-2021

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