Dr Helen Elizabeth Mulvana

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Biomedical Engineering

Personal statement

My research focus is the development of advanced diagnostic tools for the earlier diagnosis and targeted treatment of cancer. I work closely with clinicians to better understand clinical needs and with engineers and life scientists to develop solutions to these challenges.

Current funding supports research projects on the development of elasticity imaging using contrast-enhanced magneto-motive ultrasound for the early detection of colorectal cancer, a pilot clinical trial to establish effectiveness of contrast enhanced ultrasound to detect sentinel lymph nodes in rectal cancer, development of physiological flow phantoms to investigate factors capable of influencing ultrasound and microbubble mediated drug delivery, delivery of siRNA using ultrasound and microbubbles to treat hypertension in a mouse model and investigation of low frequency ultrasound to stimulate bone repair. I also have expertise in non-linear acoustics, contrast imaging, microbubbles, medical device design and fabrication, therapeutic ultrasound and elastography.

Prizes and awards

VisNET Collaboration Event Social Dinner

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Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Young Academy Scotland, Royal Society of Edinburgh (August 2018)
  • Institute of Physics MInstP (January 2015)
  • Higher Education Academy FHEA (December 2015)
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers MIMechE (October 1997) CEng (January 2014)

Current Committee Memberships

  • Chair Publicity, IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium 2020
  • Co-Chair Legacy and Outreach, IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium 2019
  • IEEE UFFC representative to TMI, member of AdCom (April 2019)
  • Associate Editor of IEEE UFFC (August 2017)
  • Physical Acoustics Group, Institute of Physics (February 2015), Treasurer (January 2018).
  • IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, Technical Program Committee (February 2014)
  • Scottish Ultrasound Group, Founder and Chair (June 2013)


Characterisation of contrast agent microbubbles for ultrasound imaging and therapy research
Mulvana Helen, Browning Richard J, Luan Ying, de Jong Nico, Tang Meng-Xing, Eckersley Robert J, Stride Eleanor
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Vol 64, pp. 232-251 (2017)
Gelation landscape engineering using a multi-reaction supramolecular hydrogelator system
Foster Jamie S, Zurek Justyna M, Almeida Nuno M S, Hendrikson Wouter E, le Sage Vincent A A, Lakshminarayanan Vasudevan, Thompson Amber L, Banerjee Ragul, Eelkema Rienk, Mulvana Helen Elizabeth, Paterson Martin J, van Esch Jan H, Lloyd Gareth O
Journal of the American College of Surgeons Vol 137, pp. 14236-14239 (2015)
In vitro investigation of the individual contributions of ultrasound-induced stable and inertial cavitation in targeted drug delivery
Gourevich Dana, Volovick Alexander, Dogadkin Osnat, Wang Lijun, Mulvana Helen Elizabeth, Medan Yoav, Melzer Andreas, Cochran Sandy
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Vol 41, pp. 1853-1864 (2015)
Uptake and cellular recovery mechanisms in microbubble-enhanced ultrasound delivery of nanoparticles for cancer therapy
Mulvana Helen, Reboud Julien, De Scrilli Maria, Berry Catherine
2015 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS 2015 (2015)
Ultrasound assisted particle and cell manipulation on-chip
Mulvana Helen, Cochran Sandy, Hill Martyn
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews Vol 65, pp. 1600-1610 (2013)
Single bubble acoustic characterization and stability measurement of adherent microbubbles
Casey Jonathan, Sennoga Charles, Mulvana Helen, Hajnal Jo V, Tang Meng-Xing, Eckersley Robert J
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Vol 39, pp. 903-914 (2013)

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VisNET Collaboration Event Social Dinner
Mulvana, Helen Elizabeth (Principal Investigator) Aranceta Garza, Alejandra (Co-investigator) Zimbitas, Georgina (Co-investigator) Fabbri, Federica (Co-investigator) Keating, Ciara (Co-investigator) Echavarri Bravo, Virginia (Co-investigator)
International collaboration Dinner event funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry for a total value of £2,903.30
24-Jan-2019 - 25-Jan-2019

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Biomedical Engineering
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