Dr Samantha Murdy

Senior Lecturer


Personal statement

I am the Director of the Undergraduate Programme and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing. I have been based in the department since moving from Australia in 2012. My research interests focus on destination branding within communities, visitor behaviour, as well as sustainability and conservation. Additionally, I am the convenor for the ethics committee within the Department of Marketing.


Customer value creation really works? The mediating role of customer self-determination and role stress
Gong Taeshik, Choi Jin Nam, Murdy Samantha
13th International Research Conference in Service Management (2014)
Perceptions of visitor relationship marketing opportunities by destination marketers : an importance-performance analysis
Murdy Samantha, Pike Steven
Tourism Management Vol 33, pp. 1281–1285 (2012)
Visitor relationship orientation of destination marketing organisations
Pike Steven, Murdy Samantha, Lings Ian
Journal of Travel Research Vol 50, pp. 443-453 (2011)
Increasing donation intentions toward endangered species : an empirical study on the mediating role of psychological and technological elements of VR
Moriuchi Emi, Murdy Samantha
Psychology and Marketing Vol 39, pp. 1302-1321 (2022)
Halal tourism in non-Muslim destinations : the role of service inclusion in creating a positive destination image
Thamrin Kiki Oktora Muhamad, Murdy Samantha, Alexander Matthew
12th SERVSIG 2022 (2022)
Conserving long-distance trails : an exploration of walker perceptions on the West Highland Way
Murdy Samantha, Johnstone Jane
32nd CAUTHE 2022 Hybrid Conference (2022)

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My teaching has covered a range of topics at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level, including introductory marketing, market research, tourism marketing, and consumer behaviour. At the University of Strathclyde I have taught mainly at a postgraduate level (MSc), and my key areas of teaching include: Destination Marketing and Management, (International) Market Research, and International Hospitality and Tourism Management. I was nominated this year for a Teaching Excellence Award. 

Research interests

My research explores and examines marketing principles and theories in the context of tourism, with a focus on destination branding within communities, volunteer tourism, visitor behaviour, sustainability, and conservation. I have presented my research internationally, and have published my research in top tier journals, including: the Journal of Travel Research, Annals of Tourism Research, and Tourism Management.

Professional activities

Sustainability and the West Highland Way
External Examiner

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Exploring Destination Branding and Stakeholder Collaboration in the Context of Long-distance Trails
Murdy, Samantha (Principal Investigator) Johnstone, Jane (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2023
West Highland Way
Murdy, Samantha (Principal Investigator) Johnstone, Jane (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Stakeholder Collaboration and National Parks
Johnstone, Jane (Co-investigator) Murdy, Samantha (Principal Investigator)
Research with stakeholders associated with tourism activities within Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park. Issues of Covid impact and sustainability to be explored
The Impact of Mobile Payment on Tourists' Behavioural Intentions
Murdy, Samantha (Principal Investigator) Nazifi, Amin (Principal Investigator) Ding, Yang (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 01-Jan-2022
Emerging Technologies in Service Research
Nazifi, Amin (Academic) Murdy, Samantha (Academic) Marder, Ben (Academic) Gäthke, Jana (Academic) Shabani, Bardia (Academic)
The Blockchain technology has been one of the most transformative technologies in our lives from improving efficiency in doing simple financial transactions (offering faster and less costly ways through cryptocurrencies) and how individuals and organisations invest. But, the use of Blockchain for decentralized data management has shown huge potential for applications beyond financial services (Tapscott & Tapscott, 2016). That is why several companies, including IBM and Microsoft have started developing blockchain-based technology that can be adopted by industry partners. Accordingly, the first stream of research will focus on the role of blockchain on consumer wellbeing. Healthcare is one of the sectors that has received major attention in recent years. According to Global Market Insights, Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market is expected to cross $1.6 billion by 2025. Interoperability in healthcare has traditionally been focused around data exchange between business entities (e.g. different hospital systems). But, there has been a recent push towards patient-driven interoperability, in which health data exchange is patient-mediated and patient-driven (Gordon and Catalini, 2018). However, there has been limited research on the opportunities and challenges of adopting Blockchain in healthcare from a services marketing perspective, and particularly, how this may affect consumer well-being. The second stream of research will focus on the role of blockchain in the field of service recovery. There is little doubt about the potential for cryptocurrency to revolutionize payment. Specifically, cryptocurrencies have found their way as an alternative form of payment in retail and hospitality sectors (e.g. there are various companies accepting Bitcoin as payment for airline ticket, booking hotels and holidays, or even buying food), yet there is a lack of research on its effectiveness as an innovative service recovery strategy. Hence, this research will provide the first examination of crypto-compensation (i.e. compensation 2.0), to shed initial light on whether firms should offer crypto-compensation instead of traditional vouchers or cash) to increase customer satisfaction and repurchase intention and also reduce their negative word of mouth intentions.
External Examining for Marketing
Harker, Michael John (Principal Investigator) Murdy, Samantha (Co-investigator) Wilson, Juliette (Co-investigator) Brennan, Ross (Co-investigator) Ward, Janet (Co-investigator)
This project is collecting and disseminating views on the processes and practices of programme external examination for marketing programmes at UK institutions.
14-Jan-2017 - 16-Jan-2018

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