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Shishir Nagaraja is a Reader in Computer Security. He specialises in network security and privacy. Within network security, his interests lie in solving security and concurrency challenges in the programmable networks. He also has a track record of developing privacy-enhancing technologies including unobservable communication networks, location-anonymous cameras, and location-anonymous audio recorders. Previously, he was instrumental in discovering social malware attacks on Google and the Tibetan movement as well as uncovering ISP-level censorship practices across the world. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed conference and journal articles in these areas. Shishir's work has attracted £1.2 million in funding. He is PI on the EPSRC RASE project on secure control-plane architectures for programmable networks, and previously PI on several projects from DARPA and DRDO agencies, on Botnet and Malware detection. His work has attracted a Google Equipment Award and an IBM X10 Innovation Award. His work has also been supported by the CPNI and DCMS.

Shishir is concurrently Adjunct Professor at ECE, UIUC. He spent nearly a decade in industry before joining academics and holds several patents in trust and security. Dr. Nagaraja holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge University where he was supervised by Ross Anderson and Jon Crowcroft. His thesis developed a link between evolutionary game theory and the dynamics of attacks and defences on networks.


Secure calibration in high-assurance IoT : traceability for safety resilience
Shah Ryan, McIntee Michael, Nagaraja Shishir, Bhandary Sahil, Arote Prerna, Kuri Joy
VoipLoc : VoIP call provenance using acoustic side-channels
Nagaraja Shishir, Shah Ryan
IEEE Security and Privacy 2020 (2019)
A game-theoretic analysis of DoS attacks on driverless vehicles
Shah Ryan, Nagaraja Shishir
Privacy with surgical robotics : challenges in applying contextual privacy theory
Shah Ryan, Nagaraja Shishir
2nd annual Symposium on Applications of Contextual Integrity, pp. 1-5 (2019)
Poster : Unified access control for surgical robotics
Shah Ryan, Nagaraja Shishir
SACMAT '19, Proceedings of the 24th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (2019) (2019)
An access control model for robot calibration
Shah Ryan, Nagaraja Shishir

More publications


Secure and Resilient Cyberphysical Systems
Nagaraja, Shishir (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 28-Jan-2021
NPL Calibration Security
Nagaraja, Shishir (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2022
Industrial CASE Account - University of Strathclyde 2017 | Shah, Ryan
Nagaraja, Shishir (Principal Investigator) Weir, George (Co-investigator) Shah, Ryan (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 01-Jan-2021
Robustness-as-evolvability: building a dynamic control plane with Software-Defined Networking
Nagaraja, Shishir (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 20-Jan-2019

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