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Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management

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Dr Anup Karath Nair is currently Lecturer in Engineering Management at the Department of Design Manufacturing and Engineering Management (DMEM), University of Strathclyde. His current research investigates the emergence of business model innovations in 3D printing or additive manufacturing industries.

Born in Bangalore, India in 1985, Anup was educated in India, United Kingdom and Germany, where he studied as an Erasmus Mundus scholar. Anup obtained his PhD in Strategy and Organisation from the Strathclyde Business School in November 2015. He also holds a B-Tech in Electrical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur, India and an European Joint MSc in Global Innovation Management from the University of Strathclyde and the Technical University of Hamburg Harburg (TUHH). He has also enjoyed corporate stints with IBM and SAP before returning back to academia to pursue his post-graduate and doctoral studies.

The overarching theme within Anup’s research has been to develop a deeper conceptual, theoretical, methodological, empirical and practical understanding of technology driven innovations within organisations, particularly high value manufacturing organisations. This is the primary reason for his continued interest in process philosophy, technology strategy and process research methods as these allow him to investigate and generate the crucial ‘know how’ knowledge sought by business practitioners. Anup’s doctoral dissertation is titled “Organising while Innovating: Towards a Process Theory in Innovation Management” and the thesis introduces a new, process philosophy inspired innovation theory by investigating two new product development projects in real time at a Scottish high value manufacturing firm. The thesis extensively draws from the rich literature on innovation management, strategy and change management, organisational theory and process research methods. It reflects Anup’s commitment to blend a creative research vision with scholarly rigorous yet industry relevant and practically useful research.

His research expertise, teaching and industrial consulting interests include, the implementation challenges of innovation, Business Models in High Value Manufacturing, Technology Strategy Management and Servitization, Innovation in New Technology Ventures, User Innovation, Open Innovation and Internal Corporate Venturing Process, Design Philosophy and Management, Strategic Change Management, Science and Technology Studies, Process philosophy and Organisation Theory and Process research methods to unearth organisational dynamics. Anup welcomes PhD students who – like him – are interested in investigating the 'how' questions within these broad areas.


The dynamics of interorganizational relations in contemporary manufacturing : Nested negotiations in value networks
Sminia Harry, Nair Anup Karath, Ates Aylin, Paton Steve, Smith Marisa
Managing Interorganizational Collaborations (2018) (2018)
Business models : a routine dynamics reconceptualization
Nair Anup Karath, D'Adderio Luciana, Corney Jonathan
British Academy of Management 2017 Conference British Academy of Management 2017 Conference (2017)
Emerging patterns of Grassroots Innovations : results of a conceptual study based on selected cases from India
Nair Anup Karath, Tiwari Rajnish, Buse Stephan
Lead Market India (2016) (2016)
From counting in management to counting on management : making social science research matter
Nair Anup Karath
BAM 2015: The 29th Annual Conference of the British Academy of Management Conference (2015)
Innovating and the dynamics of temporal scaffolding
Nair Anup Karath
31st EGOS Colloquium (2015)
'Processualizing' innovation research : a deconstructive analysis of organizing while innovating
Nair Anup Karath
29th EGOS Colloquium (2013)

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Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management
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