Dr Amin Nazifi



Personal statement

I joined the Department of Marketing as a lecturer in October 2017. Prior to joining Strathclyde Business School, I was a doctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh Business School and my research focused on unilateral termination of customer relationships. During my time at University of Edinburgh, I was also a teaching assistant and a guest lecturer and I taught a number of courses such as Marketing II, Services Marketing, and Business Research Methods at undergraduate and post graduate levels. I have also worked in the Financial Services, Non-profit and Tourism sectors in Iran, Thailand, France and the UK.


Customers' reactions to different organizational tactics in a service termination context
Nazifi Amin, El-Manstrly Dahlia, Gelbrich Katja
European Journal of Marketing Vol 54, pp. 26-48 (2020)
Customers' reactions to intentional service failures
Nazifi Amin, El-Manstrly Dahlia, Gelbrich Katja
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Proactivity and compensation effectiveness in managing overbooking : an empirical examination
Nazifi Amin, Gelbrich Katja, El-Manstrly Dahlia
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A comprehensive classification of services failures based on intentionality and duration of failures
Nazifi Amin, El-Manstrly Dahlia
10th SERVSIG Conference (2018)
Customers' attitudinal, emotional and behavioural responses to firm-initiated service termination
Nazifi Amin, El-Manstrly Dahlia
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Time to love you and leave you : the effectiveness of different types of compensation in a service termination context
Nazifi Amin, El-Manstrly Dahlia
Frontiers in Service 2017 (2017)

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I teach classes on services marketing and marketing research at undergraduate level. I also have experience of teaching CRM, consumer behaviour and research methods at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.

Research interests

My research interests relate to services marketing and CRM. My primary focus is on service failure and recovery, service termination, customer satisfaction, loyalty and complaint behaviour in banking, airline and hotel industries.

I am also very interested in transformative service research (particularly psychological and financial well-being) and also the impact of technology in services marketing. Particularly, I am keen to supervise PhD students on the following topics:

The impact of Fintech in consumer financial well-being

The impact of cryptocurrencies on service recovery and financial well-being

The role of gamification in customer engagement and service recovery.