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Validity of Vegard's rule for Al1-xInxN (0.08<x<0.28) thin films grown on GaN templates
Magalhães S, Franco N, Watson I M, Martin R W, O'Donnell K P, Schenk H P D, Tang F, Sadler T C, Kappers M J, Oliver R A, Monteiro T, Martin T L , Bagot P A J , Moody M P, Alves E, Lorenz K
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Vol 50, (2017)
Hysteretic photochromic switching of Eu-Mg defects in GaN links the shallow transient and deep ground states of the Mg acceptor
Singh A. K., O'Donnell K. P., Edwards P. R., Lorenz K., Kappers M. J., Bokowski M.
Scientific Reports Vol 7, (2017)
Crystalfield symmetries of luminescent Eu3+ centers in GaN : the importance of the 5D0 to 7F1 transition
O'Donnell K. P., Edwards P. R., Yamaga M., Lorenz K., Kappers M. J., Boćkowski M.
Applied Physics Letters Vol 108, (2016)
Analysis of the stability of InGaN/GaN multiquantum wells against ion beam intermixing
Redondo-Cubero A, Lorenz K, Wendler E, Magalhães S, Alves E, Carvalho D, Ben T, Morales F M, García R, O'Donnell K P, Wetzel C
Nanotechnology Vol 26, (2015)
Quantitative chemical mapping of InGaN quantum wells from calibrated high-angle annular dark field micrographs
Carvalho Daniel, Morales Francisco M., Ben Teresa, García Rafael, Redondo-Cubero Andrés, Alves Eduardo, Lorenz Katharina, Edwards Paul R., O'Donnell Kevin P., Wetzel Christian
Microscopy and Microanalysis Vol 21, pp. 994-1005, (2015)
Indirect excitation of Eu3+ in GaN codoped with Mg and Eu
Yamaga M, Watanabe H, Kurahashi M, O'Donnell K P, Lorenz K, Boćkowski M
Journal of Physics Conference Series Vol 619, (2015)

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Martin, Robert (Principal Investigator) O'Donnell, Kevin (Co-investigator) Taylor-Shaw, Elaine (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2011 - 02-Oct-2015
Lighting the future | Wallace, Michael
Martin, Robert (Principal Investigator) O'Donnell, Kevin (Co-investigator) Wallace, Michael (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Mar-2011 - 14-Oct-2016
Hysteretic photochromic switching (HPS) of europium-magnesium defects in gallium nitride: a potential route to a new solid-state qubit
O'Donnell, Kevin (Principal Investigator) Edwards, Paul (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Dec-2015 - 30-Mar-2019
EPSRC Science and Innovation Nanometrology for Molecular Science, Medicine and Manufacture
Birch, David (Principal Investigator) Dawson, Martin (Co-investigator) Faulds, Karen (Co-investigator) Graham, Duncan (Co-investigator) Martin, Robert (Co-investigator) O'Donnell, Kevin (Co-investigator) Rolinski, Olaf (Co-investigator) Smith, William (Co-investigator) Wynne, Klaas (Co-investigator)
Capacity building in the area of nanometrology.
Period 01-Aug-2008 - 31-Jan-2012
Martin, Robert (Principal Investigator) Dawson, Martin (Co-investigator) O'Donnell, Kevin (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Sep-2005 - 30-Nov-2008
Rainbow (FP7 MC ITN)
Trager-Cowan, Carol (Principal Investigator) Hourahine, Benjamin (Co-investigator) Martin, Robert (Co-investigator) O'Donnell, Kevin (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2008 - 30-Sep-2012

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