Mr Roger Perman



Personal statement

My research interests are in two fields:

Environmental Economics:  Economics of  climate change; socially optimal environmental policy in the presence of stock externalities and depletable environmental resources; the relationship between economic growth and environmental quality, and the valuation of biological diversity.


Applied Econometrics:  The use of cointegration techniques in time series analysis.  Structural convergence between European economies. Application of non-stationary panel data to analyse growth/environment relationships. In this area, I collaborate with Professor Christophe Tavera (at the University of Rennes I, France). 


In terms of knowledge exchange, I have an interest in economics appraisal and cost-benefit analysis. I have carried out consultancy work staff training n this area for the UK Department for International Development.

I also have an interest in Business Economics, and teach in that area on our MBA programmes and have a long record of consultancy at home and overseas.


Has expertise in:

    • Economic Appraisal. 
    • Environmental economics
    • Energy Economics
    • Applied Econometrics

    I have extensive experience in the economic appraisal of projects, programmes and policies. This includes the application of appraisal techniques to environmental and energy projects (also one of my teaching interests, and is an area in which I have co-authored a leading graduate level textbook) and appraisal of projects in developing economy contexts. I have extensive experince of consultancy work for DFID (the UK Department of International Development) in this latter area.

    With respect to Applied Econometrics, I work collaboratively with Professor Christophe Tavera at the university of Rennes I in France, a university with which I am a Visiting Professor. (Univ Rennes 1, European University Bretagne, University of Rennes 1, CNRS, Inst Phys Rennes, UMR 6251). My work with Professor Tavera currently focusses on Okun's Law. This is also an area in which I suprervise PhD students.


    I am very happy to supervise PhD doctoral students in reserach in any of these fields of study.


Influence de la distance technologique sur le coefficient de la Loi d'Okun
Boussemart Jean-Phillippe, Briec Walter, Perman Roger, Tavera Christophe
Revue Internationale des Economistes de Langue française Vol 5, pp. 78-99 (2020)
In Memory of Mick Common (1940–2018)
McKenney Daniel, Perrings Charles, Dovers Stephen, Perman Roger
Ecological Economics (2018)
Methods and case studies in CBA
Perman Roger
Methods and Case Studies Workshop (2017)
Commuting effects in Okun's Law among British areas : evidence from spatial panel econometrics
Palombi Silvia, Perman Roger, Tavéra Christophe
Papers in Regional Science Vol 96, pp. 191-209 (2017)
Quelle est la valeur du coefficient d'Okun? Une analyse de type meta-regression
Tavera Christophe, Perman Roger, Stephen Gaëtan
Studia Oeconomica Posnaniensia Vol 4, pp. 107-137 (2016)
Regional growth and unemployment in the medium run : asymmetric cointegrated Okun's Law for UK regions
Palombi Silvia, Perman Roger, Tavéra Christophe
Applied Economics Vol 47, pp. 6228-6238 (2015)

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Professional activities

Online training programme for all DFID Economists
Consultant, DFID
University of Rennes
Visiting researcher
UK Treasury (External organisation)

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CPD Activity for External Organisations
Perman, Roger (Academic)
Along with colleagues from the Department of Economics, I am developing over the following 12 months online CPD course offerings in the areas of Quantitative Methods and Applied Econometrics. This will be targetted at government and other public sector agencies in EU countries, and at large corporate bodies whose staff will have need of training in these areas.
05-Jan-2014 - 05-Jan-2016

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