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Within the University of Strathclyde the importance of information as a corporate asset is well recognised.  For this reason the University has charged the Digital Campus Sub Committee of the Information Strategy Committee with developing and implementing an Information Security Policy with the following objectives.

Improving the operation of the Institution by ensuring that information is available to the appropriate individuals when and where it is needed; integrity of information is maintained and that appropriate levels of confidentially are maintained. 

  • Reducing the risk to the Institution due to poor information management
  • Ensure compliance with the Institutions’ legal and regulatory responsibilities
  • Improving the understanding of all relevant parties of their information security and information management responsibilities. 

The principles of this policy are:

  • To ensure that the University complies with all legal requirements
  • To ensure the availability, confidentiality and integrity of all information held by the University
  • Having a risk aware approach that reduces any unacceptable risks
  • To ensure  that individuals (staff, students and other people managing information within the University understand that they have personal responsibilities for ensuring Information Security

The Information Security policy is an overarching policy and its related and constituent policies will be available or linked to below. 

Please ensure you read the following regulations:

Information Security Policy

University Policy on the Use of Computing Facilities and Resources  

Legal Framwork for ICT   

Network Connection Policy V1.1

Procedure for Accessing Personalised Electronic Storage Resources

Protection of Information Held on Mobile Devices and Encryption Policy

Remote Access for Suppliers  

Anti-Virus Policy  

Policy on Children Accessing University of Strathclyde provided IT Systems 

Policy on Physical Security of IT Equipment 

Remote Access to University provided Information Systems and Services

Bring Your Own Device Policy  

Policy on IT Access for Leavers 

Policy on the Procurement of IT Commodity Devices                

IT Credentials Management Policy

Data Management Principles     


Please contact Catherine McMillan if you require further information.

If your device has been lost or stolen, please complete the following form and return to the IT Helpdesk:

Lost or Stolen Devices

Other connected policies:

Data Protection Policy v2.1    

Other useful information can be found at: 

Records Management Pages


Information Security training is available via the Development and Training Gateway.