Dr Aubrey Poon

Research Associate


Personal statement

I am currently a Research Associate at the Department of Economics. I am also a Research Associate at the Center for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA) at the Australian National University. I hold a Master of Economics and a PhD in Economics from the Australian National University.

My field of research is in Applied Macroeconometrics. I am particularly interested in the application of Bayesian estimation and computation of time-series and DSGE models.

My personal website is https://sites.google.com/view/aubreybcpoon/home


Computationally efficient inference in large Bayesian mixed frequency VARs
Gefang Deborah, Koop Gary, Poon Aubrey
Economics Letters (2020)
Regional output growth in the United Kingdom : more timely and higher frequency estimates from 1970
Koop Gary, McIntyre Stuart, Mitchell James, Poon Aubrey
Journal of Applied Econometrics Vol 35, pp. 176-197 (2020)
Macroeconomic forecasting with large Bayesian VARs : global-local priors and the illusion of sparsity
Cross Jamie L, Hou Chenghan, Poon Aubrey
International Journal of Forecasting (2020)
Inflation Trends in Asia : Implications for Central Banks
Garcia Juan Angel, Poon Aubrey
On the contribution of international shocks in Australian business cycle fluctuations
Cross Jamie L, Poon Aubrey
Empirical Economics (2019)
Regional Output Growth in the United Kingdom : More Timely And Higher Frequency Estimates,1970-2017
Koop Gary, McIntyre Stuart, Mitchell James, Poon Aubrey

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