Dr Chris John Price

Epsrc Manufacturing Fellow

Chemical and Process Engineering

Personal statement

I am passionate about particles, especially how we can influence their formation by controlling crystallization to deliver particles with physical attributes designed to deliver optimal performance in formulated products. I have recently moved from managing particle science related innovation and product development in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue fundamental research in crystallization focussing on enhancing the purification of organic molecules by active intervention during the crystal growth process.


Addressing the challenges of continuous filtration, washing and drying
Price Chris John, Ottoboni Sara
Continuous manufacturing 2017, (2017)
Development of a novel continuous filtration unit for pharmaceutical process development and manufacturing : a case study using paracetamol
Ottoboni S., Price C. J., Steven C., Meehan E., Barton A., Mitchell A.
Filtech, (2016)
The impact of paracetamol impurities on face-specific properties : investigating the surface of single crystals using TOF-SIMS
Ottoboni Sara, Chrubasik Michael, Mir Bruce Layla, Nguyen Thai Thu Hien, Johnston Blair, Florence Alastair, Price Chris John
Crystal Growth of Organic Materials, (2016)
The impact of solvent systems, process conditions and structurally related impurities on the growth rate and morphologies of paracetamol crystals
Price Chris John, Mir Bruce Layla, Nguyen Thai Thu Hien, Hadil Hailani
Crystal Growth of Organic Materials, (2016)
Adipic acid primary nucleation kinetics from probability distributions in droplet-based systems under stagnant and flow conditions
Rossi Damiano, Gavriilidis Asterios, Kuhn Simon, Candel Miguel Ardid, Jones Alan G., Price Chris, Mazzei Luca
Crystal Growth and Design Vol 15, pp. 1784-1791, (2015)
Particles & opportunities
Price Chris
Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster Joint Meeting, (2015)

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Professional activities

What the pharmaceutical industry needs from fine particles
Industrial Crystallization: Batch & Continuous
Impurities: A neglected challenge
Crystallizing and isolating pharmaceuticals: Addressing some of the remaining challenges
Talk to your crystallographer - Essential conversations and critical relationships for partners in Directed Assembly
How does the pharmaceutical industry bring a new drug to market. Why crystallize it continuously? What is the role of ultrasound?

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Future Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation Research Hub (CMAC Hub)
Florence, Alastair (Principal Investigator) Halbert, Gavin (Co-investigator) Johnston, Blair (Co-investigator) Nordon, Alison (Co-investigator) Price, Chris John (Co-investigator) Sefcik, Jan (Co-investigator) Ter Horst, Joop (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Jan-2017 - 31-Dec-2023
Doctoral Training Centre In Continuous Manufacturing And Crystallisation | Ottoboni, Sara
Price, Chris John (Principal Investigator) Nordon, Alison (Co-investigator) Ottoboni, Sara (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2014 - 01-Oct-2018
Assessment of continuous filter unit and assessment of filter cake washing efficiency (student secondment)
Price, Chris John (Principal Investigator)
Period 23-Nov-2015 - 22-Nov-2017
KTP - Alconbury Weston
Price, Chris John (Principal Investigator) Mulheran, Paul (Co-investigator)
Period 07-Dec-2015 - 06-Dec-2017
Transforming Industrial Crystallization by Sono-mechanical Manipulation of Crystal Surfaces
Price, Chris John (Fellow)
Period 28-Apr-2014 - 27-Apr-2019

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Chemical and Process Engineering
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