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Dr Wojciech Roga

Research Associate


Personal statement

Current progress of technology coincides with progress in understanding the laws of nature in a quantum scale. However, fundamental problems with applications of quantum phenomena are still to be overcome.

Until now, I have focused on studying restrictions on the evolution of quantum states transmitted through noisy channels and measured by generalized quantum measurements (EU Fellowship DOCTUS at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland). I described these effects in terms of quantum information theory establishing limits on accessible information that can be transmitted through a communication channel by means of the quantum states.

I devoted special interest to the Gaussian quantum states of light that are commonly produced and investigated in modern quantum optics laboratories. I developed studies on the impact of non-Markovian channels on the degradation of quantum states of light, finding that such channels can help in beating limits on amplification of quantum states. This amplification influences, for instance, the security of quantum communication.

I have investigated quantum correlations including, but not required, quantum entanglement applied to sensitive detection of small perturbations (Post-Doc at the University of Salerno, Italy). I have developed a mathematical theory of measures of the correlations. 

As a member of the UK Quantum Technology Hub for quantum enhanced imaging I am investigating innovative imaging techniques that make use of quantum properties of light. I am particularly interested in aspects of secure imaging. I am also studying techniques of image formation in the so-called single-pixel camera, which is a fast and reliable tool for image recording and interpretation.


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Physical Review Letters Vol 118, pp. 1-6, (2017)
Selfcomplementary quantum channels
Smaczynski Marek, Roga Wojciech, Zyczkowski Karol
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Security against jamming in imaging with partially-distinguishable photons
Roga Wojciech, Jeffers John
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Security against jamming and noise exclusion in imaging
Roga Wojciech, Jeffers John
Physical Review A Vol 94, (2016)
Geometric measures of quantum correlations : characterization, quantification, and comparison by distances and operations
Roga W, Spehner D, Illuminati F
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical Vol 49, (2016)
Non-Markovianity of Gaussian channels
Torre G., Roga W., Illuminati F.
Physical Review Letters Vol 115, (2015)

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