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Personal statement

A doctorate and MBA graduate, with substantial academic and business experience delivered across Higher Education, Creative Industries and Social Enterprises, utilising researched expertise within Entrepreneurship and Business Development.  Exemplary communication skills with in-depth knowledge of stakeholder management, change strategies and successful teaching innovations at all levels. Adaptable, with excellent leadership skills and commercial awareness, with a passion for coaching, teaching and research in Active Learning Pedagogies


Leadership Responsibilities

Faculty-level (Business School)

Director of Digital Learning

Lead and support innovations in digital and online learning across the Faculty. This includes facilitating relationships across the University, representing the Faculty at committees like SOL and in 2020 delivering a summer of workshops and networking to support ERT teaching for all. 

Director of MDP and LDP Programmes

Providing academic leadership and oversight to the Undergraduate Programme in the Business School through the core Management Development Programme (MDP) and Leadershipl Development Programme (LDP) that is the core to all Undergraduate studies in the Business School (approx. 1800-2200 students).  

 Departmental Level (Hunter Centre)

Director of UG Studies

Oversee the UG degree programme for the Hunter Centre, including exam boards, leading the programme throughout the year and leading the redesign of the new UG programme (launched 2021). 

Digital Teaching Champion 

Providing support and guidance to the department, as well as representing the department at various committees including the return to campus learning and teaching working group. 

 Departmental Level (MBA Unit)

Director of Global Programmes

Oversee learning and teaching innovations across the new MBA programmes, including global and inclusive approaches to MBA programme design and delivery. 



2021 AdvancedHE Auorora Women’s Leadership Programme


Since 2018 Trained Accreditation Chair for the Small Business Charter Award 

Since 2017 Trained Reviewer & Mentor for the Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship  

2017 PG Diploma – Technology, Education and Learning, School of Education, University of Leeds (CPD)

2015 University of Leeds Teaching & Research Award (ULTRA) achieved highest ranking                                               

2015 Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, HEA  (SFHEA- in progress 2021)


2014 European Entrepreneurship Colloquium (EEC); 1 week residential in experiential learning for enterprise educators    

Since 2014 Active Member of the Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) Network                                                       

Since 2013 Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute

2012 MBA – focus in Entrepreneurship & Change Management, Leeds University Business School

2010 PhD: Brand Identity & PR/Communication, Faculty ofPerformance, Visual Arts and Communication, University of Leeds       

2004 MSt. Musicology & Archival Studies, St. Cross College, University of Oxford





The impact of global classrooms in first-year courses : knowledge, skills, attitudes, global engagement, and career influence
Simmons Emilee Lauran, D'Angelo Dana, Cataline Jodi
IVEC 2020 (2020)
Entrepreneurship and society : providing learners with a social lens on entrepreneurship
Simmons Emilee Lauran
How to Become an Entrepreneur in a Week The Value of 7-Day Entrepreneurship Courses (2020) (2020)
Evolution in business simulations : a review of the SimVenture Evolution platform (www.simventure.co.uk), created by Paul and Peter Harrington
Simmons Emilee L
Academy of Management Learning and Education Vol 16 (2017)
Global Classrooms : creating international collaborative initiatives
SIimmons Emilee L, D'Angelo Dana C, Cataline Jodi
Unplugging from the Classroom Teaching with Technologies to Promote Students' Lifelong Learning (2017) (2017)
Creating Global Classrooms
Simmons Emilee Lauran, D'Angelo Dana, Cataline Jodi
Online Classrooms Vol 17, pp. 2-6 (2017)

More publications


For the past 7years+ I've taught in and around Entrepreneurship, but before this I also taught for 4years in the visual and performaning arts.  Below are some key areas across my expertise and interests:

Pre-Higher Education

2006-2010, I was the lead educator for SharedEarth, a Yorkshire-based Social Enterprise and Retailer. Working with local schools to promote ethics and social enterprise initiatives across Yorkshire, but in particular the Leeds and West Yorkshire areas. 

'Starting a Business' MOOC (massive open online course) - one of six University of Leeds academics leading on one of the institutions first MOOCs; geared towards 16-17 year olds and to support FE teachers in enterprise education. Though this project we received £5000 in grant funding by EEUK to research 'peripheral' learning in digital education as well as work with FE schools and colleges on enterprise education provision.  




  • Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship. In this role, I look after all of the Undergraduate degree programmes.
  • Director of the Management Development Programme (MDP) for the Faculty of Strathclyde Business School.
  • Director of the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for the Faculty of Strathclyde Business School.

Providing academic leadership and oversight to the Undergraduate Programme in the Business School through the core Management Development Programme (MDP) and Leadership Development Programmel (LDP). These programmes are core to all Undergraduate studies in the Business School, with delivery to approx. 1800 students each year.  MDP/LDP provides experiential learning along with academic and professional development skills to help UG students to be more employable and global citizens. This occurs through a single, core module each year of their degree (until honours year).  Students work closely with local employers and SMEs, as well as global employers.  This also includes line management: a team of administrators and 30+ educators – providing module leadership and mentoring, mainly early career academics who deliver the primary teaching across the programme.


Global Classroom Initative - working with international partners, global classrooms provide an international experience for our students without having to leave the classroom, let alone the country. These are similiar to 'virtual exchanges', and for 6 years I've partnered with Drexel University to create a 5-Year strategic programme to build global classsrooms into the cirriculum. We've also worked with other partners, including: University of Amsterdam and the Berlin School of Economics. 

  • Provided the first ‘global classroom’ (aka COIL or Virtual Exchange) for the Faculty, with approx. 190 students taking part over a single year (2020/21) with two external partners.

Various modules created and delivered around New Venture Creation, Creativity & Innovation and Social Enterprise.  Including creation of the Hunter Centre's new UG degree programme. 


2018 and 2019 - Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence (Leeds University Business School)


Post-Graduate Taught

At Strathclyde 2020 to present: 

PGT modules have included

  • MG833: Technology and Organisational Change - a core module for the MSc Project Management and Innovation students. Through an active learning approach, students learn the fundamentals of technology management and organisational change.  Assessments included: group technology map and then a final assignment that was a detailed analysis report to a CEO on changes needed to stay competitive in that chosen industry
  • MG983: New Venture Creation (MBA - part-time) - this is an elective module for our MBA students. On this module I look after our part-time MBA students.  This year it was delivered online, but with a continued experiential approach to support our students 'practicing' entrepreneurship and building their skills. 


I delivered and redeveloped modules in Contemporary Challenges in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise and Society. These were based again on active learning and blended approaches.  Contemporary Challenges invited celebrated reserachers in Enterpreneurship from around the world to give an inspirational workshop to introduce students to topics such as: artificial intelligence; gender; born-global; open innovation. Enterprise and Society introduced students to Social Enterprise, by giving them skills in consultancy and getting them to provide free business support to local charities (how they could become social enterprises) and social enterprises to support a sustainable income stream. 

For non-business students, I delivered a course on business models and commericialisation for a BioPharmaceutical Masters.

Masters and MBA research project supervisor - supervised over 50 individual masters projects and dissertations on a range of topics from leadership to highly effective teams through to business growth and new venture creation. 


Post-Graduate Research


Supervisor of 5 PhD students

  • Second Supervisor on a PhD project around Entrepreneurship Education and Regional Policies; fully funded (JARA)
  • First Supervisor for a PhD project on supporting rural Omani women businesses; fully funded (JARA)
  • First Supervisor for a PhD project to understand second and third generation ethnic businesses and their decision making strategies; fully funded JARA

Starting Oct 2021

  • First Supervisor for a PhD project on building Entrepreneurial Mindset in MNEs; fully funded (JARA)
  • First Supervisor for a PhD in building Entrepreneurial Skills in Young Adults in Nigeria; fully funded (Nigerian Gov't)


I have delivered teaching to PGRs in non-business subjects to support their entrepreneurial mindset. This includes giving a commericialisation course to PGRs across STEM and Engineering subjects as part of a CPD course. 

For 4 years I also developed and delivered a Teaching Training programme for PGRs to support them into teaching. This was delivered in a year long programme of workshops, events and 1-2-1 mentoring and support. 


Executive Education

  • until June 2021: Educational Lead for Goldman Sach's 10,000 Women Leader's Programme - delivering webinars for the 8,000+ leaders and developing new materials for the online courses
  • co-delivery in 2018 and 2019 of the Scotland Can Do Scale Summer School alongside Professor Bill Aulet, Director of the Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship at MIT
  • Module Leader on Professional Practic & Change Management in the Arts, Cultural and Heritage SEctors - delivering an experiential and reflective learning course aimed at fundraisers on the Arts Fundraising and Philanthrophy Fellows (Arts Council England funded)
  • Co-delivery of the 5-day National Summer School for Philanthrophy and Fundraising in the Arts (Arts Council England Funding)
  • MOOC for fundraisers in any sector, called Leadership Fundraising and Philanthropy 


Research interests

My current research interests are in:

  • Pedagogy - active learning, blened learning, teambased and problem-based learning
  • Business Development and Growth - particularly in Social Enterprise and sustainable business growth

Professional activities

Using the Entrecomp Framework to support Entrepreneurial Development of Undergraduate students.
Creating a Community of Global Partners for Research, Assessment and Pedagogy in Virtual Exchange
Disabilities in the Classroom: Best Practices for Improving Accessibility and Learning
Academy of Management (External organisation)
LeBow College of Business, Drexel University
Visiting researcher

More professional activities


Exploration of medicines waste management services in the United Kingdom
GANGANNAGARIPALLI, Jaheedabegum (Principal Investigator) Mueller, Tanja (Principal Investigator) Hannah, Stuart (Principal Investigator) Horgan, Donagh (Principal Investigator) McLaughlin, Graeme (Principal Investigator) Simmons, Emilee Lauran (Principal Investigator)
Although being at the core of patients’ treatment, an estimated £300m of NHS prescribed medicines are wasted annually, and medicines are increasingly being considered as emerging environmental hazards due to inappropriate management and pollution associated with their use. Medicines management is a complex issue, defined as “the entire way medicines are selected, procured, delivered, prescribed, administered, and reviewed to optimise the contribution that medicines make to producing informed and desired outcomes of patient care”. Hence, it is imperative to develop broad and wide-ranging medicines management methods to reduce waste and prevent environmental pollution, enable sustainability, improve patients’ health and wellbeing, and reduce cost. However, there is currently limited research in this area.
The principal aim of this study is to perform a pilot exploration of effective waste management methods and/or services in order to understand the drivers of wastage in medicines management processes, and to identify touchpoints in the service to be redesigned, within the UK.
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2022
Scotland Can Do Scale: Summer School
Simmons, Emilee Lauran (Co-investigator) Aulet, Bill (Co-investigator)
Co-Educator for the Scale Up Scotland Summer School alongside Professor Bill Aulet, Director of the Martin Trust at MIT; a 4 day intensive learning programme to support scaling businesses across Scotland.
13-Jan-2018 - 06-Jan-2019
Goldman Sach's 10,000 Women Leaders Programme
Simmons, Emilee Lauran (Principal Investigator)
Lead Educator for the creation and delivery of the live webinar series for the GS 10k Leaders programme. This has also included creating addition educational resources for the online courses as well.

More projects


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