Dr Katherine Margaret Mary Tant

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Mathematics and Statistics

Personal statement

Dr Katherine Tant is an applied mathematician conducting research at the interface between mathematics and industry.  In June 2018, she was awarded a 3 year EPSRC UKRI Innovation fellowship for her work in ultrasonic tomography and was subsequently appointed as a Chancellor’s Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Strathclyde in May 2019. Her research interests revolve around the modelling of waves in complex materials and using this knowledge to ‘see the unseen’; how can we create images of a solid object’s interior using wave data collected on its surface?  This is a hugely important question throughout many industries, including medical imaging, geophysics and non-destructive testing. Over the years, Katherine has worked closely with a number of companies including Doosan Babcock, EDF, IHI, NPL, NNL, Onscale and Rolls Royce. More information on the work conducted under her Waves, Inverse Problems and Imaging (WiPi) group can be found on the team's webpage.

As a result of her training and experience, Katherine is committed to promoting the role of mathematics in tackling real-world challenges and, in 2016, co-published the book UK Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics, which showcased mathematical research that had resulted in positive industrial, societal and environmental impacts. She is also an advocate for the advancement of women leaders in STEMM subjects. She is currently participating in the Homeward Bound programme, a global year-long leadership program for women in science which focusses on the development of leadership capacity, strategic capability and visibility and culminates in a 3 week intensive Antarctic voyage.



Effective grain orientation mapping of complex and locally anisotropic media for improved imaging in ultrasonic non-destructive testing
Tant K M M, Galetti E, Mulholland A J, Curtis A, Gachagan A
Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering Vol 28, pp. 1694-1718 (2020)
An inverse problem for Voronoi diagrams : a simplified model of non-destructive testing with ultrasonic array
Bourne David P, Mulholland Anthony J, Sahu Smita, Tant Katherine M M
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences Vol n/a, pp. n/a (2020)
Component shape optimisation for enhanced non-destructive testing
Singh J, Mulholland AJ, Tant KMM, Stratoudaki T, Curtis A, Ijomah W, Windmill JFC
Materials & Design Vol 195 (2020)
Defect imaging using sub-sampled array data with least squares migration
Tant Katherine M M, da Costa Filho Carlos A, Curtis Andrew
2018 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (2018)
Using laboratory experiments to develop and test new Marchenko and imaging methods
da Costa Filho Carlos Alberto, Tant Katherine, Curtis Andrew, Mulholland Anthony, Moran Carmel M
SEG Technical Program , pp. 4352-4356 (2018)
Design-for-testing for improved remanufacturability
Tant Katherine M M, Mulholland Anthony J, Curtis Andrew, Ijomah Winifred L
Journal of Remanufacturing (2018)

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Professional activities

Geosciences (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Women in Leadership: Homeward Bound
UK Acoustics Network (External organisation)
Material Map Inversion and Imaging in Complex and Locally Anisotropic Media for Non-Destructive Testing
Material Map Inversion and Imaging in Complex and Locally Anisotropic Media
Cellblock Science

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Maths DTP 2020 University of Strathclyde | Ludlam, James
Tant, Katherine Margaret Mary (Principal Investigator) Dolean Maini, Victorita (Co-investigator) Ludlam, James (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 01-Jan-2024
AME NDT (Anisotropic Media Evaluation for Non-Destructive Testing)
Tant, Katherine Margaret Mary (Principal Investigator)
29-Jan-2018 - 28-Jan-2021
Acoustic Based Characterisation of arc fusion process control parameters
MacLeod, Charles Norman (Principal Investigator) Dobie, Gordon (Co-investigator) Gachagan, Anthony (Co-investigator) Mulholland, Anthony (Co-investigator) Pierce, Gareth (Co-investigator) Stratoudaki, Theodosia (Co-investigator) Tant, Katherine Margaret Mary (Co-investigator)
02-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2022
New Methods For Ultrasonic NDE Of Difficult Materials | Tant, Katherine Margaret Mary
Mulholland, Anthony (Principal Investigator) Langer, Matthias (Co-investigator) Tant, Katherine Margaret Mary (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2011 - 11-Jan-2014

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