Dr Philip Tonner



Personal statement

I joined the University in 2017 as a Lecturer in Education. Since starting at Strathclyde my research interests have concentrated on a collection of issues in philosophy, archaeology and heritage, fairy tales, children’s literature and teacher research, all in connection to education and childhood. My general approach could be characterised as philosophical anthropology, in a broad sense.

I studied philosophy at the Universities of Glasgow and Warwick, education at the University of Strathclyde and anthropology/archaeology at the University of Oxford. I have taught at a number of secondary schools in Scotland and at the University of Glasgow, University of Stirling and the Open University. I am a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and of the Royal Society of Arts.

I spent three years working for Glasgow Museums in their research section. During this time I was seconded to the University of Glasgow as a lecturer in museum studies. I have been both a verifier and marker for the Scottish Qualifications Authority and I was centrally involved in establishing the first school based research centre in Scotland.

I am currently the PGDE Secondary Co-ordinator for Modern Studies and I am interested in supervising research students in my areas of specialization.


A recent lecture that I delivered on the philosophy of John Duns Scotus, Martin Heidegger and Gilles Deleuze is available here:


My books are available here:

Heidegger, Metaphysics and the Univocity of Being (Continuum 2010),

Phenomenology between Aesthetics and Idealism (Noesis Press 2015)

Dwelling: Heidegger, Archaeology, Mortality (Routledge 2018)


Some of my papers and book chapters are available here:

- ‘Museums, Ethics and Truth: Why Museums’ Collecting Policies Must Face up to the Problem of Testimony’ in, Philosophy and Museums: Essays on the Philosophy of Museums, Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement: 79, ed. A. Bergqvist, V.S. Harrison and G. Kemp, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2016.

- ‘Did Homo erectus dwell? Heidegger, archaeology and the future of phenomenology’ in, Heidegger in the Twenty-First Century, Contributions to Phenomenology, Vol. 80, ed. T. Georgakis and P. Ennis, Springer, 2015.

- ‘Art, materiality and the meaning of being: Heidegger on the work of art and the significance of things’ in, Heidegger and the Work of Art History, ed. A. Boetzkes and A. Vinegar, Ashgate, 2014.

- ‘Making Connections: some initial thoughts on communication, constructivism and formative assessment’, in, Discourse: Learning and Teaching in Philosophical and Religious Studies, Volume 8, No.2, Spring 2009.



MA (Hons) (Glasgow)

MA (Warwick)

PhD (Glasgow) 

PGDE (Strathclyde)

DPhil (Oxford)


Heidegger, heterotopic dwelling and prehistoric art : an initial indication of a field of research
Tonner Philip
Religions Vol 9 (2018)
Wittgenstein on forms of life : a short introduction
Tonner Philip
E-Logos Electronic Journal for Philosophy (2017)
Dwelling : Heidegger, Archaeology, Mortality
Tonner Philip
Routledge Studies in Archaeology Routledge Studies in Archaeology (2017)
Tonner Philip
Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences (2017) (2017)
Museums, ethics and truth : why museums' collecting policies must face up to the problem of testimony
Tonner Philip
Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement Vol 79, pp. 159-177 (2016)
Epoch : Heidegger and the happening of history
Tonner Philip
Minerva - A Review of Science, Learning and Policy Vol 19, pp. 132-150 (2015)

more publications


PGDE Modern Studies

I am also interested in teaching courses and supervising students in my areas of research interest.

Research interests

Please see my personal statement.

Professional activities

Scottish Ecopoetics, Geopoetics and Cosmopoetics: A pre-requisite to Learning for Sustainability?
A just measure of violence
Contemporary Childhood Conference
Contemporary Childhood Conference
Kenneth White, dwelling and nomadism: a geopoetics education for the 21st Century’
Promoting a Research Engaged Teaching Profession

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