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Dr Sebastian Van de Linde




Photometry unlocks 3D information from 2D localization microscopy data
Franke Christian, Sauer Markus, van de Linde Sebastian
Nature Methods Vol 14, pp. 41-44, (2017)
From single-molecule spectroscopy to super-resolution imaging of the neuron : a review
Laine Romain F, Schierle Gabriele S Kaminski, van de Linde Sebastian, Kaminski Clemens F
Methods and Applications in Fluorescence Vol 4, (2016)
Light-induced cell damage in live-cell super-resolution microscopy
Wäldchen Sina, Lehmann Julian, Klein Teresa, van de Linde Sebastian, Sauer Markus
Scientific Reports Vol 5, (2015)
Quantitative super-resolution microscopy of nanopipette-deposited fluorescent patterns
Hennig Simon, van de Linde Sebastian, Bergmann Stephan, Huser Thomas, Sauer Markus
ACS Nano Vol 9, pp. 8122-8130, (2015)
Structural analysis of herpes simplex virus by optical super-resolution imaging
Laine Romain F., Albecka Anna, van de Linde Sebastian, Rees Eric J., Crump Colin M., Kaminski Clemens F.
Nature Communications Vol 6, (2015)
Instant live-cell super-resolution imaging of cellular structures by nanoinjection of fluorescent probes
Hennig Simon, van de Linde Sebastian, Lummer Martina, Simonis Matthias, Huser Thomas, Sauer Markus
Nano letters Vol 15, pp. 1374-1381, (2014)

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