Dr Jing Wang



Personal statement

Appointed to the University of Strathclyde School of Law in 2018 as Lecturer in English Contract Law, Dr Jing Wang previously worked at the Law School at the University of Huddersfield as Research Assistant. Her doctoral research (awarded without corrections in 2017) was conducted in Bangor University at the Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies, School of Law. Jing’s research interests lie in the conduct of evidence-based research in an attempt to demonstrate whether China’s competition law and practice is faithful to China’s 2007 Anti-Monopoly Law. Also her work has focused on deficiencies in antitrust enforcement in China. Jing works in the broad Commercial Law / Competition Law arena, teaching English Contract Law (LLB) and E-Commerce Law (LLM) at the School of Law, University of Strathclyde, and has been a Fellow of the HEA since 2018.


Achieving the promise through amendment? The (in)effectiveness of the Anti-Monopoly Law of China 2007
Wang Jing
Asian Law and Society Association Annual Conference (2021)
Competition law & e-commerce : change is coming?
Wang Jing
New Law Journal Vol 171, pp. 9-10 (2021)
How competition ideals are emasculated in key industries in China, and pathways to reform
Cahill Dermot, Wang Jing
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Empowering package tour travellers by disempowering tourism operators? Assessing the effectiveness of the Tourism Law of China
Chen Nan, Burns Kevin, Wang Jing
Tourism Paradoxes Contradictions, Controversies and Challenges (2021) (2021)
China's fair-competition review system : a symbolic movement or an effective improvement?
Wang Jing
The Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Chicago 2021 (2021)
Enforcement practice reform : a public interest test for China's anti-monopoly law
Wang Jing
The 16th Asian Law Institute Conference 2019 (2019)

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