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Dr Jing Wang is a full-time Law Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, UK, and Member of the Research Team at SCALES—Strathclyde Centre for Antitrust Law and Empirical Study. She specialises in antitrust teaching and research. Published in top global journals such as World Competition: Law and Economics Review, Oxford Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, Michigan State International Law Review, Fordham International Law Journal, European Competition Law Review, and Global Competition Litigation Review, Jing’s research over recent years examines how traditional competition law prohibitions and regulators are often ineffective at keeping pace with State intervention in government-oriented economies. More recently, Jing has also focused on examining new emerging anti-consumer anti-competitive practices in digital markets in the EU, US and China, resulting in multiple conference papers and publications (New Law Journal) examining the interface between digital anti-consumer practices and antitrust regulation. A research innovator, Jing has researched and incorporated the use of animations into her antitrust law graduate teaching, in order to encourage antitrust students to think more deeply about the impact of antitrust activities on societal development. Her work in this area has been funded by the Clark Foundation and has attracted strong interest from other UK Law schools seeking to deploy this methodology in their antitrust study programmes.


Legitimacy and effectiveness concerns in China's private antitrust enforcement regime : a comparative analysis with the EU and US regimes
Wang Jing, Cahill Dermot
Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, pp. 1-37 (2022)
Competition neutrality in courts : can China's Anti-Monopoly Law 2022 ensure the supremacy of competition law in antitrust private litigation involving state-owned enterprises
Wang Jing
Global Competition Litigation Review Vol 15, pp. 132-138 (2022)
Legitimacy & effectiveness concerns arising in private antitrust litigation involving SOEs in China
Cahill Dermot, Wang Jing
The Law and Society Association Annual Meeting 2022 (2022)
Preventing market manipulation : East and West open a common front against digital platforms anti-competitive practices
Wang Jing, Cahill Dermot
The Law and Society Association Annual Meeting 2022 (2022)
Citizens and antitrust violations : legitimacy and effectiveness concerns in China's private antitrust enforcement regime
Cahill Dermot, Wang Jing
The 34th SASE Annual Conference: Fractious Connections (2022)
Sustainability of China's anti-monopoly law in the digital era : an observation on the 'choosing one from two' jurisprudence from China
Wang Jing
19th Asian Law Institute Conference (2022)

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Convergence in approaches taken by both East & West to tackle Digital Platforms Anti-Competitive Practices
Personal Data Privacy vs Public Interest: Covid-19 Brings a Data Protection Policy Rethink
Unfair Business Practices: Preventing Market Manipulation against Digital Platforms Anti-Competitive Practices
Attempting Antitrust Enforcement in China: Issues facing Citizens & Corporations – Comparative Perspectives with EU & US
US & EU Antitrust Investigations into Major Digital Corporations Antitrust Activities
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), US (External organisation)

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Creating Doodle 2D Animations on 50 leading cases in Contract Law and Competition Law
Wang, Jing (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2022

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