Dr Monika Warzecha

Physical Analysis Research Technician

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


The ambiguous functions of the precursors that enable nonclassical modes of olanzapine nucleation and growth
Warzecha Monika, Florence Alastair J, Vekilov Peter G
Crystals Vol 11 (2021)
Octadecyl chain-bearing PEGylated poly(propyleneimine)-based dendrimersomes : physicochemical studies, redox-responsiveness, DNA condensation, cytotoxicity and gene delivery to cancer cells
Laskar Partha, Somani Sukrut, Mullin Margaret, Tate Rothwelle, Warzecha Monika, Bowering Deborah, Keating Patricia, Irving Craig, Leung Hing Y, Dufès Christine
Biomaterials Science Vol 9, pp. 1431-1448 (2021)
True absolute determination of photoluminescence quantum yields by coupling multiwavelength thermal lens and photoluminescence spectroscopy
Pereira Tatiane O, Warzecha Monika, Andrade Luis H C, Silva Junior R, Baesso Mauro L, McHugh Callum J, Calvo-Castro Jesus, Lima Sandro M
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Vol 22, pp. 25156-25164 (2020)
Olanzapine crystal symmetry originates in preformed centrosymmetric solute dimers
Warzecha Monika, Verma Lakshmanji, Johnston Blair F, Palmer Jeremy C, Florence Alastair J, Vekilov Peter G
Nature Chemistry Vol 12, pp. 914-920 (2020)
Developing mechanistic understanding of unconventional growth in pharmaceutical crystals using scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Polyzois Hector, Warzecha Monika, Paladino Eleonora, Bowering Deborah, Guo Rui, Price Sarah L, Halbert Gavin, Florence Alastair
SciX 2019 (2019)
Oxcarbazepine form III : observation of twisted habit in crystals of an elusive pharmaceutical polymorph
Polyzois H, Guo R, Warzecha M, Price S L , Florence AJ
50th Annual Conference of the British Association of Crystal Growth, pp. 69 (2019)

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Physical Characterisation of Pharmaceutical Solids

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Research interests

Currently working for CMAC, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, upon completion of PhD. Previous experiences include Visiting Researcher at University of Houston, TX, USA (2016), dedicated to the nucleation of pharmaceutical molecules, and Research Assistant at University of the West of Scotland (2012-2014) working on organic synthesis. Specialise in advanced analytical tools for characterisation of particle properties and the fundamental mechanisms of nucleation and growth of pharmaceutical crystals including, but not limited to techniques such as atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, Raman and NMR spectroscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, light scattering, crystallographic analysis and elements of molecular modelling. Experience in preparing and delivering lectures and laboratory classes for MSc students in Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing at University of Strathclyde (since 2017).  Author of 10+ publications and 10+ poster and oral presentations at national and international meetings. Achieved multiple awards including three best poster prizes, two travel awards, and an overall winner at Images of Research University of Strathclyde (2017). Associate Member of Royal Society of Chemistry and a member of Royal Microscopical Society and British Society for Crystal Growth. Actively collaborates internally and internationally on multidisciplinary projects with academic (University of Houston, US, University College London, UK) and industry partners (Elly Lilly, GSK, AZ). 

Professional activities

Direct Observation of Templated Two-Step Nucleation Mechanism during Olanzapine Hydrate Formation
48th BACG Annual Conference
CMAC Annual Open Day 2017
Surface Measurements Systems Workshop
Visiting Researcher
4th RSC Early Career Symposium

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