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Personal statement

My main areas of research involve high resolution mass spectrometry and chromatography applied to metabolomics, bionanalysis and natural products research. There has been a strong focus on metabolomics in the last eight years and I won a bid to host the Metabolomics Society conference in Glasgow where I was local chair and organiser in 2013. Current metabolomics collaborations are as follows: parasite biology (Graham Coombs and Mike Barrett GU), drosophila biology (Julian Dow GU), cancer cell biology (Nigel and Sue Pyne and Hing Leung, Beatson), clinical screening for disease (Hing Leung prostate cancer, Brian Walker and Ruth Andrew, University of Edinburgh, metabolic syndrome), steroids in models of pulmonary hypertension, Mandy MacLean, GU), profiling of mammalian milks (Malcolm Kennedy, GU). I am currently about to establish projects on metabolomics of the microbiome in irritable bowel syndrome and on the impact of exercise on the metabolome. I have other non-collaborative projects on fundamental mechanisms in hydrophilic interaction chromatography and oxidation mechanisms of fatty acids. I am also supervising a BBSRC CASE award project with UCB Celltech on deamidation of monoclonal antibodies. In the area of natural products I am investigating the biological properties of bee venom (with Mark Dufton, Carol Clements and Louise Young)and the activity of propolis against sleeping sickness and leishmaniasis. I am currently primary supervisor of 16 PhD students. I have published 205 full papers and reviews, 80 in the last six years, and have an H factor of 34. I have published two textbooks one of which is the leading undergraduate textbook in the field of pharmaceutical analysis. My teaching currently focuses on the MSc course in Pharmaceutical Analysis although I have taught a wide range of topics within the MPharm curriculum.


Plasma metabolomics identifies lipid and amino acid markers of weight loss in patients with upper gastrointestinal cancer
Miller Janice, Alshehri Ahmed, Ramage Michael I, Stevens Nathan A, Mullen Alexander B, Boyd Marie, Ross James A, Wigmore Stephen J, Watson David G, Skipworth Richard JE
Cancers Vol 11 (2019)
Metabolomic profiling of the immune stimulatory effect of eicosenoids on PMA-differentiated THP-1 cells
Alqarni Abdulmalik M, Dissanayake Tharushi, Nelson David J, Parkinson John A, Dufton Mark J, Ferro Valerie A, Watson David G
Vaccines Vol 7 (2019)
Investigation of metabolomics techniques by analysis of MS propolis data : which pre-treatment method is better?
Alghamdi Abdulaziz, Gray Alison, Watson David
Advances and Applications in Statistics Vol 58, pp. 13-34 (2019)
European propolis is highly active against trypanosomatids including Crithidia fasciculata
Alotaibi Abdullah, Ebiloma Godwin U, Williams Roderick, Alenezi Samya, Donachie Anne-Marie, Guillaume Selome, Igoli John O, Fearnley James, de Koning Harry P, Watson David G
Scientific Reports Vol 9 (2019)
Preliminary studies : the potential anti-angiogenic activities of two Sulawesi Island (Indonesia) propolis and their chemical characterization
Iqbal Muhammad, Fan Tai-ping, Watson David, Alenezi Samya, Saleh Khaled, Sahlan Muhamad
Heliyon Vol 5 (2019)
Development of a derivatization method for investigating testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone using tandem mass spectrometry in saliva samples from young professional soccer players pre- and post-training
Alzahrani Mansour A, Alshuwaier Ghareeb O, Aljaloud Khalid S, Gibson Colin, Khalaf Abedawn, Alhawiti Aliyah S, Watson David G
Scientia Pharmaceutica Vol 87 (2019)

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Professional activities

Metabolomics 2014
Member of programme committee
Metabolomics 2013
Metabolomics Society conference in Boston
Keynote/plenary speaker

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Doctoral Training Centre In Continuous Manufacturing And Crystallisation | Dabrowska, Natalia
Watson, David (Principal Investigator) Florence, Alastair (Co-investigator) Dabrowska, Natalia (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2012 - 10-Jan-2017
Grace Reveleris Flash LSD
Edrada-Ebel, Ruangelie (Academic) Clements, Carol (Academic) Watson, David (Academic)
Investigating the clinical relevance of post translational modifications such as asparaginyl de-amidation; potential impact on immunogenicity
Watson, David (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2011 - 31-Jan-2016
Sepacore Flash Chromatography System by Buchi
Edrada-Ebel, Ruangelie (Academic) Watson, David (Academic) Ferro, Valerie (Academic)
Metabolomic systems biology analysis of differentiation in trypanosomes
Watson, David (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2008 - 31-Jan-2011
Metabolic Analysis of Clinical Samples
Watson, David (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2007 - 31-Jan-2010

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Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
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