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A custom, high-channel-count data acquisition system for chemical species tomography of aero-jet engine exhaust plumes
Fisher Edward M D, Tsekenis Stylianos-Alexios, Yang Yunjie, Chighine A, Liu Cheng, Polydorides Nick, Wright P, Kliment J, Ozanyan K, Benoy Thomas, Humphries Gordon, Wilson David, Lengden M, Johnstone Walter, McCann Hugh
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement Vol 69, pp. 549-558 (2020)
Performance analysis of a novel pyroelectric device for non-dispersive infra-red CO2 detection
Wilson David, Phair John W, Lengden Michael
IEEE Sensors Journal Vol 19, pp. 6006-6011 (2019)
A new RAM normalized 1f-WMS technique for the measurement of gas parameters in harsh environments and a comparison with 2f/1f
Upadhyay Abhishek, Lengden Michael, Wilson David, Humphries Gordon Samuel, Crayford Andrew P, Pugh Daniel G, Johnson Mark P, Stewart George, Johnstone Walter
IEEE Photonics Journal Vol 10 (2018)
Constrained models for optical absorption tomography
Polydorides Nick, Tsekenis Alex, Fisher Edward, Chigine Andrea, McCann Hugh, Dimiccoli Luca, Wright Paul, Lengden Michael, Benoy Thomas, Wilson David, Humphries Gordon, Johnstone Walter
Applied Optics Vol 57, pp. B1-B9 (2017)
Measurement of CO2 concentration and temperature in an aero engine exhaust plume using wavelength modulation spectroscopy
Benoy Thomas, Wilson David, Lengden Michael, Armstrong Ian, Stewart George, Johnstone Walter
IEEE Sensors Journal Vol 17, pp. 6409-6417 (2017)
Calibration-free WMS using a cw-DFB-QCL, a VCSEL, and an edge-emitting DFB laser with in-situ real-time laser parameter characterization
Upadhyay Abhishek, Wilson David, Lengden Michael, Chakraborty Arup L, Stewart George, Johnstone Walter
IEEE Photonics Journal Vol 9 (2017)

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