Dr John Wilson

Senior Teaching Fellow

Computer and Information Sciences

Personal statement

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. I present classes on databases and Semantic Web technologies. My research interests focus on data intensive systems, with two main themes; the design of large data sets for predictive analytics and efficient representations of graph data. My predctive analytics work has focused on tourism, finance and chemistry. I am involved in commercialisation of some aspects of the large data set research and have previous experience of exploiting my research in efficient data representations.


Combining infrastructure sensor and tourism market data in a smart city project : case study 1
Komninos Andreas, Dunlop Mark D, Wilson John N
Intelligent Computing for Interactive System Design: Statistics, Digital Signal Processing, and Machine Learning in Practice (2021) (2021)
An analysis of RDF view maintenance using Jena
Shah Syed M Shehram, Wilson John, Khalique Vijdan, Noman Hira
International Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Science and Electronics (2017)
Updating OWL2 ontologies using pruned rulesets
Al Azwari Sana, Wilson John N
11th International Conference on Semantic Systems, pp. 105-112 (2015)
Consistent RDF updates with correct dense deltas
Al Azwari Sana, Wilson John N
Data Science BICOD 2015 (2015) (2015)
The cost of reasoning with RDF updates
Al Azwari Sana, Wilson John N
Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (IEEE ICSC 2015) , pp. 328-331 (2015)
Local pre-processing for node classification in networks : application in protein-protein interaction
Foley Christopher Eric, Al Azwari Sana Mohammad M, Dufton Mark, Ross Isla, Wilson John
Information Technology in Bio- and Medical Informatics Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol 8060, pp. 32-46 (2013)

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Professional activities

PhD Thesis: Inference as a data management problem, Liu, Y.
External Examiner
PhD Thesis: Extracting structured data from web query result pages. Weng, D.
External Examiner
PhD Thesis: Semantic attack on transaction data anonymised by set-based generalisation. Hoang,O
External Examiner
PhD Thesis: XPath Query Satisfiability and Containment under DTD Constraints. Montazerian, M.
External Examiner
PhD Thesis: Description and Retrieval of Scientific Data Resources. Soldar, G.
External Examiner

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Predictive analytics to support tourism sector insight
Wilson, John N. (Principal Investigator) Dunlop, Mark (Co-investigator) Komninos, Andreas (Research Co-investigator)
The project explored to potential for developing accurate predictive techniques to assess future demand for hotel accommodation on the basis of prior data patterns and planned cultural events.
01-Jan-2016 - 23-Jan-2017
SID technology
Wilson, John N. (Principal Investigator) Dufton, Mark (Principal Investigator)

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